Romanians will have lower salaries than they had in 2008, one newspaper reads on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, Democrat Liberals were advised by party leaders to keep a low profile and ignore any attacks coming from their coalition partner, the Social Democrats. Last but not least, Romanian and international businessman attended one of the most mediated events of the year: the hunting party of Ion Tiriac, one of the richest men in Romania.

Coditianul reads about the government's decision to diminish the prognosis on the average net salary for 2009 which falls under the 2008 numbers. Romanians will earn less and less this year, namely 1,820 Romanian Ron as compared to 1,844 Romanian Ron in November 2008.

The level of the average net salary was made public in a governmental meeting last week. Sources in the Finance ministry declared that actually there is a nominal increase of 5.2% between the average of income gains last year and the 2009 one but they failed to deny that the average salary in 2009 is lower than the one registered in November 2008.

State salaries will increase this year only if the total estimated budget spending will not exceed 34.1% of the GDP, Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea declared on Friday. Even if salaries will increase in 2009, they will not increase more than 10% for low state salaries. Higher salaries will increase at a lower pace if so.

Democrat Liberals met in Poiana Brasov, Central Romania to discuss about the future strategies to take, Gandul reads. As expected, President Basescu attended the event and congratulated his party for winning the Parliamentary elections.

The newspaper reads that the main advise Democrat Liberals received from their leaders was to ignore all attacks coming from their coalition partner, the Social Democrats. After only one month, the Democrat Liberals seem to agree that they will only share governance with the PSD for one year.

The newspaper reads about the confusion lurking in the Democrat Liberal camp, as there seems to be a complete silence or knowledge on who their representative will be for the upcoming Presidential elections next year.

Nonetheless, PM Boc does not seem to clear up the waters since his government has not even published the long awaited budget for 2009. Nonetheless, one thing is clear: Basescu and Boc underlined that the party's priority is to keep up with their electoral promises.

Thus, the newspaper reads, the main priorities put forward by Democrat Liberals are the reformation of the electoral system and the elimination of the parliamentary immunity. The last theme was initially launched by the Presidency in its push for a Constitutional reform.

Parliament's Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase declared that parliamentarians should enjoy their immunity in what concerns their vote and political declarations and not their other actions. A Democrat Liberal, Anastase thus urged for a Constitutional reform that would change the Parliamentarians status when facing anti graft prosecutors.

Another dispute on the agenda is the elimination of pension schemes for Parliamentarians: PM Emil Boc declared that even though Parliamentarians will not be happy with it, it is a matter of political will.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the fifth edition of the wild boar hunting organized by one of Romania's richest businessman, Ion Tiriac. 45 guests attended the hunting party and most of them are VIPs and each year it raises up important controversy in the media.