President Basescu may refuse to run for president for his second mandate, the Government spent in 2008 as if fearing the end of the world and the French State Printing House is suspect of offering bribe to the Nastase Government.

Romania president Traian Basescu declared on Monday evening that it is possible not to run for president again, in case a Parliamentarian majority exists without him being a part of its success, or in case the economic crisis affects Romanians more than it should, all newspapers read on Tuesday.

At the very same time, Tourism Minister Elena Udrea, known for being close to the presidency, declared - also on Monday - that "Romania has a president and will have the same president for the following six years", Evenimentul Zilei reads. In December, Basescu warned his supporting party, the Democrat-Liberals, that he will not run for president unless they "wake up and reform the party".

Regardless Basescu's statements, Gandul considers that parties are in search for "sacrifice bunnies" to throw in the race against Basescu. The options are Former PM Adrian Nastase or party president Mircea Geoana from the Social Democrats and former PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu or party vice president Crin Antonescu, from the Liberals.

Speaking of Nastase: soon after his files were once again sent to the Parliament, so that they could further go to court, Nastase was involved in a new scandal. French authorities say that the State Printing House may have paid a bribe to the Nastase Government, in order to win a contract between 2001 and 2002, Cotidianul reads.

Also about the Government's handy work: in 2008, the Romanian state wasted 500 million Euros for comfort - new cars, laptops and furniture. The crisis was already installed in the second half of the year, still the "shopping bill" was ten times larger than in 2007, Evenimentul Zilei found out.

In order to save a buck, though, the Government pays the Agriculture subsidies at the average rate in October 2008. Subsidies for 2008 were paid using the October 2007 exchange rate. This way, the state won 100 million Euros in the past two years, simply because of the RON falling exchange rate, Cotidianul reveals.