The arrest of a new multi-millionaire, controversial businessman Gigi Becali, makes most of the headlines on Friday, along with the foreign investments and the state budget reshuffling. In politics, the Social Democrat leader announced his intention to run for president this year.

Controversial businessman Gigi Becali - real estate mogul and Steaua football club "financing man" - was arrested yesterday, late in the afternoon, accused of illegally putting under distraint three thieves who stole his car in January. Becali has a 29-days arrest warrant on his name, being arrested along with three of his bodyguards, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Same Evenimentul Zilei comments that another resounding arrest, the one of businessman Puiu Popoviciu, and his keeping into Police custody are mainly caused by the authorities' efforts to improve their image in front of the European institutions. The country report to be released in June and the negative perception of the public, when it comes to state institutions, were the main reasons invoked by prosecutors in front of the Court that had to decide whether Popoviciu will be judged at large or under arrest.

In politics, the Social Democrat Party (PSD) leader, Mircea Geoana, made public his intention to run for president this year, Gandul reads.

In business, same Gandul has some good news: Romania is still the target of foreign investments, more than Bulgaria and Hungary: Romania attracted in 2008 over 9 billion Euros worth of investments, while Bulgaria saw 5.4 billion and Hungary - only 500 millions.

Speaking about money: the Government decided to cut some 1.1 billion Euro expenses in 2009, the budget reshuffling cutting funds from several important ministries: Environment, Education, Tourism, Defense and Agriculture, Cotidianul reads.