Most front pages on Thursday are busy with the recent development of the relations between Romania and Moldova. In the local news, the Easter holiday is no longer a reason to travel, tourism operators say. In politics, American experts are about to become the puppeteers of the next presidential elections.

Apart from all the news about the protests in Chisinau, Evenimentul Zilei denounces one of the abuses that was about to pass unnoticed in Chisinau: the Police arrested minors. No from the street, but directly from the hospitals where they went to treat their injuries. The official reason: "to find out who sent them there". Among the people arrested during the protests, there are several leaders of civic organizations and Sergiu Mocanu, a politician, father of two youngsters who found a refuge in the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau in the past six months.

The agreement with the International Monetary Fund is also discussed by a couple of newspapers, after some rumors on Wednesday said that Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea keeps secret an IMF letter that unveils rougher agreement conditions than it was first thought.

Moody's also warns that failing to reach and maintain an agreement with the IMF would have devastating effects on the economy: depreciation of the national currency, skyrocketing prices and aggravated recession, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

It is no wonder that only 30,000 Romanians bought Easter holiday tickets to various destinations, 50% less than expected, Gandul found out.

In politics, Social Democrats an Liberals compete in employing Obama's counselors for the European Parliament and the presidential elections this year. Social Democrat Mircea Geoana already has an agreement with Benenson Strategy Group, the company that worked for the American president in strategy and social science. Liberals wish to employ Betsy Myers, former executive manager in Obama's campaign, Gandul reads.