In the news on Monday, politicians have a failed attempt to increase their electoral capital, as elections are looming. In economics, companies entering into bankruptcy need 1,000 Romanian lei to end their activity. Elsewhere in the news, the atrocities of the communist regime in Chisinau, Moldova are revealed: a 23 year old Valeriu Boboc was beaten to death in the police arrest, his family declared.

Gandul reads about the politicians' attempt to gain more electoral capital, as Easter approaches. An INSOMAR survey reveals that 41% of those questioned believe that Romania heads towards a wrong direction while 55% of the respondents declare that they have less money than last year and do not have any hope for the future.

Voters seem to punish politicians for their misfortunes, as trust rates decrease significantly: PM Emil Boc lost the trust of those questioned and registered a decrease of 20% compared to January. In the same trend, President Basescu registered a 14.3% trust decrease and Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu a 13.8% decrease in electoral trust.

According to the newspaper, the only politician to gain electoral capital is Crin Antonescu but the paper reads that the INSOMAR study was conducted immediately after the Liberal Congress, when Antonescu was elected leader of the party, which explains his advantage.

In economics today, Cotidianul reads that companies need at least 1,000 Romanian lei to be able to end their commercial activity. Total costs, according to the paper rest somewhere between 1,060 Romanian lei and 1,260 of which 760 lei are taxes to be paid at the Commerce Registry and the different, the honorary of the person in charge with the case.

The information is relevant, the paper reads, as Finance minister Pogea declared that those companies that cannot affort to pay their taxes should end their activities.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads about the death of 23 years old Moldavian Valeriu Boboc, beaten to death in the police arrest as his family declared. However, the official versions contradicts them blatantly: according to the police the young boy was found dead at the scene of the protests while a medical report concludes that the young man was intoxicated by an unknown substance. However, the medical report is preliminary.

Liberal Party vice-president and mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca urged the protesters to commemorate for a minute the death of Valeriu Boboc who died at the police station. Boboc's family does not know exactly the circumstances which lead to their sons murder but consider that he was beaten to death by the police given the bruises on his body.