Most newspapers on Tuesday relate President Basescu's reaction to the recent speculations concerning his family's wealth. In football today, Steaua's owner, Gigi Becali, was retained in prison with the help of his lawyers, one paper reads. Last but not least, eight kindergartens for Rroma children are scheduled to open this Fall.

Most newspapers today relate President Basescu's reaction to the recent speculations regarding his family's wealth accumulation. Basescu did not miss the opportunity to attack media tycoons, declaring that they are trying to blackmail him, Gandul reads.

Basescu's reaction comes after the press speculated on his older daughter's owned properties. According to the paper, Ioana Basescu owns an apartment in a residential complex owned by famous businessman Puiu Popoviciu, recently investigated by anti-graft prosecutors.

Thus the President cleared all speculations, declaring that his daughter won an apartment after her failed marriage. Moreover Basescu underlined that his family was targeted by media tycoons in their attempt to blackmail him as the judicial system is starting to pressure them.

Concerning recent football scandals, President Basescu declared that even though everybody is trying to deny it, judicial institutions are finally doing their job. He added that he has nothing to do with scandals, even though speculations might arise.

In football, Romania libera reads about the latest arrest of FC Arges club owner Cornel Penescu, accused of bribing several arbiters. Billionaire Penescu is accused of offering some 125,000 euro as bribe to several arbiters.

In this vein, Cotidianul reads about the arrest of the renowned businessman Gigi Becali, owner of Steaua football club, one of the biggest in Bucharest. The paper reads that judges decided to retain him in arrest were delivered by Becali's army of lawyers.

Becali was retained in custody by prosecutors on April 2 together with another five persons, accused of illegal deprivation of liberty. Becali is accused of pursuing his own justice against the felons who stole his car.

Last but not least, Evenimentul Zilei informs that Rroma children across the country can now choose to attend special kindergartens, starting this year. The paper reads that the kindergartens will have a bilingual program, in both Romanian and Romani.

Amare Rromentza Center, the initiators of the program declared that they established the needs of various Rroma communities across the country after conducting several surveys in the area. The organization's president, Delia Grigore declared that there still are traditional Rroma communities that refuse integration in schools.