The foreign loan Romania expects may be used to pay salaries and pensions, instead of financing investments. And even if the money was used for investments, there's always a significant loss, since the state strangely keeps choosing the more expensive partners for its public works.

For the first time since discussions started about a foreign loan, in order to help Romania rise above the crisis, the officials admit that there's more to it than having a "safety belt". President Traian Basescu and prime minister Emil Boc say that the loan may be used for paying salaries and pensions, given the low level of tax collection. Investments fall to the second place in the top priorities list, Gandul reads.

According to Cotidianul, the way investments are conducted is rather strange: the last four public bids for roads construction were won by companies that ranked second and third with their offers. The difference between the price the state will pay and the price it could have paid for signing up with the top-ranked companies is 100 million Euros, one fifth of the entire amount to be paid.

The money is a problem for ordinary people as well. In average, 25% of all Romanians would have avoided making a loan two years ago, if they only knew about the crisis. 60% of the Romanians consider that their economic situation is caused by the decisions the took in the past years and 37.38% say they regret not opening a savings account in time, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Speaking about what happened in the past few years: the prices for apartments increased 500% between 2000 and 2008. Prices may drop some 40% this year, mainly in the old apartments segment, same Evenimentul Zilei reads.