Seven Romanian ministers are being investigated by the National Integrity Agency, most newspaper read. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian troops are to retreat from Irak by the end of July, this year. Debates around the law for pensions reveal huge discrepancies between Romania’s seniors’ monthly incomes, one newspaper informs. Bran Castle will open to visitors starting 1st of June, one publication reports. Last but not least, Romania qualified for Eurovision 2009 finals.

Gandul reads seven Romanian ministers are being investigated by the National Integrity Agency (ANI). The Agency list features a few other ex-ministers, 60 parliamentary members and 25 ex-parliamentary members, according to the newspaper. Head of ANI Cătălin Macovei declared for Cotidianul that the agency was interested in the way the politicians earned their wealth and in possible false wealth statements case of the investigated politicians. Macovei did not name names, but noted that the politicians came from different backgrounds, the Realitatea TV website reads.

Gardianul newspaper sustains that the ANI list features, among others, Economy minister Adriean Videanu (PD-L), Transport minister Radu Berceanu (PD-L), Agriculture minister Ilie Sarbu (PSD), Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea (PD-L), Justice minister Catalin Predoiu (independent), Defence minister Mihai Stanisoara (PD-L) and Interior minister Dan Nica (PSD).

Romanian troops will be withdrawn from Iraq, according to Romania Libera. The troops will be home by the end of July, the Romanian minister of Defence Mihai Stanisoara declared, quoted by the publication. Foreign Affairs minister Cristian Diaconescu said for Realitatea TV that Romania will coordinate its future international military involvement "with the US and the other partners, in line with the NATO and ONU mandates". The Defence minister underlined that the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thanked Romania for hosting military exercises, Romania Libera adds.

A senior who has been working their entire life in the agricultural department might receive a pension amounting to 1% of the value of the wealthiest magistrate’s pension, Evenimentul Zilei reads. 350 lei is the likely monthly pension an agricultural worker might get according to Romania’s Parliament news launched yesterday, the daily informs. The law is supposed to be enforced starting October 2009, but it might be replaced next year by the new law for pensions, according to the Ministry of Labour.

The best paid magistrate earns 32.739 lei monthly, while the lowest salary in the law department amounts to 1.442 lei/month, according to the head of Romania’s National House for Pensions Angelica Mihail, the newspaper reads. It goes on to record the statement made by the state councillor for Labour and Social Protection Mihail Seitan on Tuesday, according to which the Romanian Government will debate, in a meeting next week, around the principles at the basis of the expected law for pensions. According to Seitan, all pensions will be considered bearing in mind each social category contributions.

Bran Castle will reopen its gates for tourists on the 1st of June, Romanian press agency Mediafax informs. Dominic de Habsburg, Bran Castle’s owner, will take over the estate’s administration from May 18th, reintroducing it in Romania’s tourist circuit by the start of June, Mediafax reads.

The Ministry of Tourism will continue to support the location as one of Romania’s attractions, according to Romania Libera. The paper goes on to inform that the Habsburg family have redecorated the house with items from their personal collection, after the ministry of Culture moved the old collection to Vama Medievala (Medieval Customs).

Romanian singer Elena Gheorghe passed the Eurovision 2009 pop music competition semi-finals yesterday in Moscow, Adevarul reads. She competed with "Balkan Girls" song and qualified among other 9 artists. The finalists will take place on May 19th, and will see Romania’s Elena Gheorghe competing against finalists from Turkey, Sweden, Israel, Portugal, Malta, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia and Island.