Romania's President confessed, in a speech addressed to Romanians in France, that he accepted the Social Democrats in the governmental coalition because of the economic crisis, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. From an economic perspective, Romanian diaspora sustained the country's economy by stimulating consumption and supporting the national currency. However, the British fear an "invasion" from Romania, another newspaper reads. At the level of the Union, one newspaper wonders whether Romania will be able to appoint and negotiate an influential EU Commissioner position.

Cotidianul reads about President's Basescu's speech in his official visit to France where he confessed that he had to accept the Social Democrats in the government, despite his own creeds, in the interest of the country.

Basescu declared that he has disappointed his electorate by accepting the Social Democrats in the government and underlined that he was disappointed as well. Basescu said that a political compromise was needed in order to secure the country's stability in a period in which the economic crisis was looming over the country.

Also about Romanians abroad, Gandul reads that they have managed to sustain Romania's economy by stimulating its consumption. Despite the economic crisis, Romanians working abroad sent home almost just as much money as they did in 2008.

In the first quarter of 2009, Romanians sent some 1.92 billion euro, a 154 million euro decrease compared to the same period, last year. Romania's National Central Bank data reveals that, on average, Romanians working abroad sent home some 21 million euro/day.

The newspaper reads that the Romanian diaspora represent the biggest investors in the country's economy, considering that the money they send total 30% more than the total foreign direct investments in Romania.

Last year, foreigners were the main contributors to the national economy and invested some 9 billion euro whereas Romanian's diaspora remittances amounted to 8.7 billion euro. While Romanians managed to send almost just as much money as last year, foreign investments declined in 2009.

In the first months of the year, Romania's foreign direct investments totaled some 1.5 billion euro, registering 30% less than the total contribution of the Romanian diaspora to the economy. This year, foreign direct investments are estimated to reach 5 billion euro, almost half than those registered in 2008.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that some 2 million Romanians will "invade Britain", quoting a national tabloid Daily Express. The newspaper reads that 30% of the Romanians wishing to leave the country would choose Great Britain, quoting a Romanian Youth and Sports ministry report.

The official report reveals that Great Britain gain more ground than Spain and Italy in the minds of those Romanians decided to leave the country. The results of the study were taken over by the British tabloid to emphasize an imminent Romanian invasion.

Last but not least, Romania libera wonders whether Romania will be able to negotiate an influential EU Commissioner position. The paper reads about the controversies among Romanian parties, as the country needs to decide on the actual representative.

Most quoted names are former Justice minister Monica Macovei from the Democrat Liberal party and Social Democrat Adrian Severin. In a diplomatic report, signed by Austria's Ambassador to Bucharest, Romania's President Traian Basescu was quoted to have declared that Romania would best qualify for the Agriculture Commissioner.

This position is one of the most important within the Commission but political games are yet to be played, both at the European and national level.