Two possible swine flu cases are being currently investigated. Elsewhere in the news, important industrial consumers will enjoy six months of cheap domestic natural gas, as a governmental response to the current crisis. The second round of Moldovan presidential elections attracted the interest of Romanian press. Last but not least, Romania is using Roland Garros to promote a tourist country brand.

Swine flu investigations: after the first swine flu case was confirmed in Bucharest, the patient’s father and son are also investigated for possible infection with the H1N1 virus, the Romanian press informs. The child is one year and a half. He and his grandfather are presently tested at Matei Bals Institute in Bucharest, according to the minister of Health adviser Geza Molnar, quoted in a interview for Romanian press agency NewsIn by Adevarul.

The first swine flu case from Romania was confirmed today: a 30 year-old woman returned from New York. She has been released from Matei Bals Institute after 24 hours. Her father and one of her sons will be monitored at the institute for the next seven days, Cotidianul informs, quoting professor doctor Adrian Streinu-Cercel in an interview for Realitatea TV.

Big industrial consumers will enjoy six months of low-priced domestic natural gas, according to Gandul. Romania’s Government measure to support the industry sector by offering cheap gas will be available from May 1 to September 30, as a response to the current crisis. The metallurgic department and the chemical fertilisers sector are two of the Government’s offer main targets. The chemical fertiliser industry is the biggest natural gas consumer in Romania. The consumption records 2.5 – 2.8 billion cube metres annually. The Ministry of Economy informs that the new measure will help keeping 9.000 jobs in the chemical industry sector.

Failure of the second Moldovan presidential elections today may trigger early legislative elections, Evenimentul Zilei informs. Moldovan Communist Party (PCRM) saw the opposition on a rival pose before the elections. If the Communist party fails to impose the new leader of state, incumbent president Vladimir Voronin must call for early elections, the newspaper informs. PCRM failed to have ex- Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii elected president in the first round of elections. She did not meet the necessary number of votes.

The Communists own 60 out of the 101 mandates and only need one more vote to elect their president. The runners for the second presidential elections round are Zinaida Greceanii and Moldova’s Ambassador for Russia Andrei Neguţă, both PCRM members. Representatives of Moldova Noastra Alliance, the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party said they will not take part in the next elections. Institute for Public Policy analyst Oazu Nantoi declared for Evenimenul Zilei that the opposition had little to expect from early elections: they lack a campaign budget. The communists own the TV monopole and use it to discredit the opposition. The fact that the opposition did not name a candidate for the current elections might also affect their score, he adds.

Gandul also reads Romania embarks on promoting the country as a tourist destination for the foreigners. "Romania – Land of choice" is the slogan that will start the campaign during Roland Garros cup final aired on Eurosport TV channel. "Roland Garros is brought to you by Romania. Romania – Land of choice" is the message to be aired (for free) during each commercial break, according to the publication.

Romanian Ministry of Tourism Elena Udrea will use Romanian sport VIPs like gymnast Nadia Comaneci, ex- tennis player Ilie Nastase and football coach and ex-football player Gheorghe Hagi in an international campaign.