Social Democratic tycoons threaten to break the governing alliance after the European Parliamentary elections on Sunday, June 7, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Also about the Social Democratic Party, the influential PSD member Miron Mitrea attempts to avoid prosecution in a file, in which he is accused of bribe taking. Elsewhere in the news, most newspapers today read about the devastating storm that hit Bucharest last night causing important damages. In a lighter tone, another newspaper reads about Sorana Carstea's surprising performance at Roland Garros.

Social Democrats threaten to break the governing alliance after the European Parliamentary elections due this Sunday, June 7, Cotidianul reads on Wednesday. Social Democrats organized a video-conference to analyze the electoral campaign.

However, the discussion turned into a chorus of complaints mostly from local tycoons, upset of their bad collaborations with local Democrat Liberals. Sources declared for the newspaper that most PSD local tycoons threatened to sabotage the alliance with the Democrat Liberals.

The party's Executive Committee is scheduled to meet after Sunday's elections and decide on the matter. The newspaper reads that local collaborations between the two parties fail to work because of the Democrat Liberal ministers, the Social Democrats claim.

PSD vice president Liviu Dragnea confirmed the information for the newspaper and added that there was no explicit talk about breaking the alliance and that PSD party leader Mircea Geoana proposed an executive meeting after the elections to analyze the political context of the party.

Also within the Social Democratic party, Miron Mitrea's lawyers attempt to avoid his prosecution in a file in which he is accused of bribe taking, Cotidianul reads. The newspaper informs that Mitrea's lawyers are currently attempting to move the file in the Senate on grounds that Mitrea was not informed of the judicial progress in his file and thus he was deprived of the right to defend himself in court.

If this will happen, the newspaper reads, then the file will need the approval of the Senate for prosecution. Miron Mitrea is accused of receiving bribe in 2001-2002 from Irina Paula Jianu in exchange for her position as deputy chief inspector, worth about 9,274, 202,542 Romanian lei.

Cotidianul reads about the devastating storm that hit Romania's capital Bucharest last night, causing important damages. The paper reads that several boulevards downtown Bucharest were closed to traffic due to broken trees that feel on the roads.

According to the first available data, Gandul reads, traffic was closed downtown Bucharest: most damages were signaled in district 1. Trams and buses got stuck in traffic as high voltage cables broke and trees feel on the roads.

Local authorities announced that they mobilized important emergency intervention forces and that the effects of the storm will disappear by tomorrow morning. Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu declared that he is expecting a general report on the status of the damages caused by the storm.

Moreover, sources in the administration declared that Oprescu urged district mayors to make sure that all roads will be cleared by morning.

Gandul reads about the 19 year old Romanian Sorana Carstea's amazing performance in the Roland Garros quarter finals. In an interview for the newspaper Carstea talks about her personal achievements and passion for tennis.

She reveals that she started training at five, when she had her own personal coach. Moreover, she talked highly about her parents whom she owns her upbringing and passion for tennis. The newspaper reads that Sorana is a mature and determined teenager.

Sorana confessed that her number one objective is to be number one.