The site of the future US Embassy in Bucharest has been robbed by a group of masked thieves. Elsewhere in the news, German authorities in Berlin are having troubles with a group of Romanian gypsies. Last but not least, the political scene in the Republic of Moldova is unsettled by the prospect of early elections.

Gandul reads a gang of masked thieves have robbed the shacks from the site where the future US Embassy in Bucharest will be. The thieves immobilised the keeper around 4 AM on Wednesday night and stole several laptops and tools used on the construction site. Police was alerted approximately one hour after the theft has been committed.

There is currently an investigation going on. The US Embassy representatives said they did not discuss "security issues". Sources quoted by Gandul said there was a mobile American patrol on duty on the time of the theft, but the patrol said nothing suspicious was detected during their shift. The stolen goods belong to the building company Bog’Art.

The Germans from Berlin are afraid of the Romanian gypsies’ invasion, Evenimentul Zilei informs. The newspapers quotes Der Spiegel, according to which the authorities in Berlin are shocked in the face of a Romanian gypsy group who declared their intention to remain in Germany, despite the fact that their stay is limited by a tourist visa. One Gypsy woman from the newly arrived grouped indicated that she had left Romania because of hunger.

The Gypsy group counts 80 members. They have been camping in various parks in Berlin, much to the despair of local authorities that moved them in social housing from Spandau. The gypsies asked the German authorities for food and asylum. The Romanian consul in Germany Remus Mărăşescu discussed with them yesterday to find out that they wish to work in Deutschland. Germany is among the EU countries that did not open completely the labour market for cheap and unskilled work forces from the A10 countries.

Moldova must go through early elections because the Parliament failed to choose the next state. This unsettled the political scene in Chisinau yesterday, according to Adevarul. Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) and Alliance for Our Moldova (AMN) representatives said there might be some modifications regarding the election candidacy, in comparison with the parliamentary elections on April 5. President of the Liberal Party (PL) Mihai Ghimpu said he did not support the opposition featured on a joint list for the new elections.

Incumbent Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin did not manage to impose communist party member Zinaida Greceanîi as the country’s Prime Minister. Experts say there are interior fights inside the Communist Party, where reformist Marian Lupu threatens to leave the party if it won’t become more "democratic". Vladimir Voronin risks losing the Parliament presidency in the early elections. The communist Party could lose a few mandates in favour of the three opposition parties with a more liberal orientation.

The next elections are due to take place in July or August. The electorate, which is either pro-European or pro-Moscow, is expected to be seriously affected by the economic downturn. This could persuade people not to turn up for voting, which could lead to more troubles for Chisinau’s politicians.