An 11th swine flu suspect is under medical investigations. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian state verifies the way Romanian King Mihai obtained Furnica centre in Sinaia. Minister for Tourism Elena Udrea is forcing the hotels o stay open for four months. Last but not least, people hitting or threatening the Police could stay in jail for long years.

The tenth Romanian patient with swine flu is a child recently returned from Toronto, Romania Libera reads, quoting NewsIn. An 11th patient is presently tested, namely the child's grandmother. The child’s' grandmother hasn't got any symptoms, still, she needs to be investigated. The child returned on June 8 from Toronto with his mother. Tests showed his mother was healthy. The child is currently hospitalised at Matei Bals Institute in Bucharest and receives antiviral medication.

Romanian state verifies the way Romanian King Mihai obtained Furnica centre in Sinaia, Cotidianul informs. In December 2006, ex-RA-APPS manager decided to return several buildings from Sinaia, part of the Peles domain, to King Mihai. The decision was not carried out because there hasn't been a consensus regarding Romania's compensation expenses.

RA-APPS decided that the sum amounted to 10,784,058 euros whereas Romania's Royal House considers the sum to amount to 2,502,714 euros. The Royal House was registered as owner with the authorities, therefore Ploiesti Appeal Court told RA-APPS to leave Furnica touristy complex in the hands of the Royal House. Prime Minister's Control Body is studying the case.

According to Romania Libera, the Royal House Memorandum for repossessing Peles and Pelisor castles, an older Foisor site, Ceramica and Stavilari centres and the domains belonging to King Mihai was approved by Romania's Government in 2007.

Gandul reads the minister for Tourism Elena Udrea is forcing hotels o stay open for the entire commercial season, meaning from May 1 to September 30. The new law, backed by Boc Government, will sanction those who do not make their hotels available according to the new regulation with 10.000 lei. The hotels that are still closed on June 1 are to be fined with 30.000 lei. The bill increases to 40.000 if a hotel is still closed by mid-June. Hotels that keep their doors locked for tourists by July 1 will see a 50.000 fine and their classification certificate will be revoked. Furthermore, Udrea invited people to party and attend live shows in the open between 1 AM and 8 AM, as long as the sound volume limit is respected.

People hitting or threatening the Police could stay in jail for long years, Adevarul informs. The new Penal and Civil Law codes have been approved and the Government took responsibility for them. People threatening or becoming violent with Police or force orders might get between 4 months and 3 years or, if the damage caused by a citizen sends a police force into hospitalisation, the citizen could get up to 5 years. For the same fault, a police member could stay in prison between 9 months and 7 years, according to vice-Prime Minister Dan Nica. Infantile pornography will see a greater punishment, as will crimes against the environment.