Eight famous Romanian fugitives, seem to be lost in translation between the Romanian police and Interpol. Romania is due to have its real highway, linking one city to the other, in 2011, Transports minister Radu Berceanu assures one newspaper. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian researchers avoid coming home back after earning their degrees abroad, for well grounded reasons, one newspaper reads.

Cotidianul reads that famous Romanian fugitives are lost somewhere between the Police and the Interpol. The newspaper reveals that several important names are not present on the Interpol database or for that matter, on any international databases.

The latest example is Mihai Necolaiciuc, wanted for a huge fraud within the national railway company, CFR SA. The newspaper reads that there is a series of inconsistencies between the Romanian police database and the data submitted to international or American institutions.

US Embassy to Romania Press Office contradicts the declarations coming from the Romanian Interpol office. The latter informed that Mihai Necolaiciuc entered US after he received a tourist visa for six months from the US Embassy in Vienna.

Contrary to that, the Americans declared that Necolaiciuc received a 10 year visa since 2000 and was not issues in Vienna. In order to extend his stay, he would need to change his status through an application approved by local authorities in the US.

The paper discovered that Necolaiciuc is not on Interpol's wanted list and it's at the will of the Romanian authorities to make the information public. Contacted by the newspaper, Police spokesperson, Liviu Malureanu declared that even if they do not appear on the public Interpol website, this does not mean that the fugitives are not on the wanted list. He explained that the Interpol database also has a private access database where all information is posted.

Gandul quotes Transports minister Radu Berceanu saying that by 2011 Romania will have its very own highway, linking one city to another, namely Bucharest of Constanta, South East Romania. The newspaper reads that after two decades since works started the highway is still not complete.

Berceanu explained that the deadline is two years and works will start in August this year for the last 50 km or so of the highway. He added that the deadline will be respected because the money do not come from the budget. However, the newspaper reads about the usual high traffic on the route to the seaside during the summer, the hundreds of deadly accidents occurring each year.

Last year, in the last 60km of the missing highway, some 42 accidents occurred, leaving 22 dead and 29 injured while on the 150km of highway only 27 accidents were registered. By train, the route takes about four hours due to works on the railway system, the newspaper reads. After investments worth 800 million euro with works started as early as 2006, the contracted companies for the train route are postponing the deadline.

Romania libera reads about the lack of interest Romanian universities show in those Romanian researchers trained abroad. The paper reads that Romanian universities are dominated by personal affiliations, old professors who cater for their interests alone.

The newspaper reads about two cases, of Florina Raicu and Mariana Neamtu who returned home, in an attempt to enter the Romanian education system. However, their contribution was rejected, on personal grounds and their professional achievements, even though internationally renowned, dismissed.

Therefore, young Romanian scientists have little reason to return home, where they are not respected nor well paid.