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What the newspapers say: July 2, 2009

de A.C.
Joi, 2 iulie 2009, 8:50 English | Press Review

Bucharest district 3 mayor, Liviu Negoita plans to build in 48 months, 24 artificial fountains and allocate 4 million euro for this project, despite the financial crisis, one newspaper reads on Thursday. Elsewhere in the news, an ambitious PHARE project took over by a Greek construction company to improve the life of the nuns at the Agapia monastery in North Romania was a complete failure. Last but not least, at a time when Romanian gypsies flee from racist attacks in North Ireland, Briton William Blacker talks about his enchanted encounter with them.

It's raining money in Bucharest district 3 city hall, where mayor Liviu Negoita plans to spend some 4 million euro on 24 artificial fountains across the district, Gandul reads on Thursday. When prompted about his plans, Negoita declared that he sees no harm in his attempt to educate the citizens to have good tastes.

Negoita thus plans to build the 24 fountains in 48 months, which means, on average, one fountain every two months. The investment will be covered from the local budget. District 3 chief architect, Stefan Dumitrascu declared that the fountains will purify the air in the area and will embellish the district.

Until Negoita's plans are accomplished, Bucharests' district 2 remains the district with most artificial fountains. Moreover, the district can brag with a singing fountain, nearby the Globus circus. Over 24 fountains are build nearly one next to the other.

District 2 mayor puts forward the same explanation, that fountains purify the air in the area and adds some aesthetic value.

The Greek company Diekat was commissioned to undertake a 4.7 million euro project to improve the conditions of the houses in the Agapia monastery, North Romania, Cotidianul reads. The nuns took the time to photograph every day the construction site and noticed the lack of seriousness of the Greek company.

Therefore, after summoning prosecutors and state secretaries, the Greek company was dismissed. Nonetheless, the company still managed to gain 2 million euro for some works which lack any standards.

What is more, the nuns complain that they now have to face the consequences: due to bad construction works, all houses are infected by a mushroom, Merulius Lacrymans which made all nuns fall sick.

Meanwhile, authorities seem to have forgotten the nuns and the PHARE project.

Romania libera reads about British William Blacker, who lived among the Romanian gypsies and even adopted a child among them. Blacker urges authorities to seek a solution in this case, pleading through his upcoming book, Along the enchanted way: a Romanian story.

Blacker writes, according to the paper, that gypsies have no chance to integrate since they are discriminated against from the very start. In his book, the Briton describes a joyful and enchanted community.

Blacker suggests that Romanian authorities could put forward a project to use the gypsies skills in the advantage of the country. Moreover, he suggests that the EU should get involved in order to accelerate their integration in the Western community.

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