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What the newspapers say: July 6, 2009

de C.B.
Luni, 6 iulie 2009, 2:44 English | Press Review

Romanian PM will ask minister of Finance to show more guts and ask the EU and IMF to allow Romania an increase in the budget deficit. Elsewhere in the news, Romania sent its last uranium deposits to Russia. Last but not least, Romanian Government is paying American company building Transilvania motorway 48 million euros back.

Cotidianul reads Romanian PM Emil Boc will ask minister of Finance Gheorghe Pogea to show more guts and ask the EU and IMF to allow Romania an increase in the budget deficit, since he would prefer the money to be used for infrastructure. Bad timing: the European Commission is ready to launch the procedure of excessive deficit against Romania, proposed for the Economic and Financial Affairs Council ECOFIN.

IMF chief in Romania pointed out in an interview that the IMF has been very generous with Romania when it allowed for a 4.6% of the GDP budget deficit by the end of 2009. A European Commission report dating May 13 notes that Romania's deficit has gone over the limit admitted by the EU for 2008, namely 3%, and recommends the EU to approve the procedure against Romania's excessive deficit.  

Romania sent its last uranium deposits to Russia, Romania Libera informs. Boston Globe had exclusive access to photographing an expensive and meticulous task. There were 182 small, bullet-size cylinders sent to Russia from the Institute for Nuclear Research in Pitesti (South Romania). They contained one of the most dangerous substances on the globe: highly enriched uranium, received by Romania in 1990 from the former Soviet Union. Despite the substance not being highly reactive, the authorities were afraid it might have been stolen, due to their size.

The operation took 10.5 million dollars and five year of filling up the necessary papers with Russia and international organisations. American authorities consider that the labs worldwide own around 2,000 kilograms of highly enriched uranium, enough substance to build 80 nuclear bombs. Most of the uranium have been spread globally by the US and Russia, during the Cold War. Great Britain and France have also sent uranium to other countries. South Africa increased their deposits by inner exploitation.

Romanian Government is paying American company Bechtel 48 million euros back, according to Romania Libera. Romanian PM Emil Boc told Bechtel manager Michael Mix on Sunday that his company, which is currently caring out the infrastructure for Transylvania motorway, is going to receive the money Romania owes. The company needs to finalise section 2B by the end of the year.

According to an agreement between Romanian Ministry of Transports and Bechtel, the company has to build 42 kilometres by the end of the current year, costing the Government 119 million euros. The motorway needs to be completed in 2013. Romania will pay Bechtel a total of 420 million euros by the end of the year, according to the agreement.

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