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What the newspapers say: July 7, 2009

de A.C.
Marţi, 7 iulie 2009, 7:59 English | Press Review

The executive takes into account dramatic economic downfalls in the second and third quarters, of 8.9% and 9.1%, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, PM Emil Boc launched a disfunctional e-Romania portal. On a lighter tone, Romania is ranked 70 out of 143 in the world in a happiness top.

Cotidianul reveals that the government needs to take into account dramatic downfalls of the economy in the upcoming quarters, of 8.9% or even 9.1%. IMF plans to modify the agreed targets if the economic downturn exceeds its expectations.

An internal report of the Social Democratic Party reads that there will be an economic drop of 7% for 2009, a 3% increase than the one estimated in the budget. The findings were confirmed by various members of the government, the newspaper reads.

One governmental source declared for the newspaper that a 7% economic decrease would prove quite optimistic. Sources from the IMFoffice in Bucharest confirmed that the new IMF evaluation on Romania's macroeconomic environment might be changed.

The newspaper quotes a source saying that the IMF will revise the budgetary deficit accordingly if Romania's economic dynamic will impose such a measure. 

Gandul reads about another disfunctional project launched by PM Emil Boc: this time, an e-Romania portal. Communications minister, Gabriel Sandu declared that the ministry does not have the budget to promote the portal yet, even though the newspaper reads that some ads promoting the project were spotted.

According to officials, the aim of the website is to enable more e-facilities like paying bills, or find out essential administrative information which will cut the never ending cues. However, the project is not functional, the paper reveals.

The government plans to invest some 1.2 billion euro to promote this project. However, this year, the goverment allocated some 35 million euro to expand the virtual website in the whole country and transform it into a unique eRomania administrative portal.

PM Boc declared that the new portal will save both money and time: citizens will be able to find out more information regarding taxes or EU funds. The project was thought on two levels: as information provider and operational - offering online services for companies and citizens.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that Romanians are happier than the French or the Spanish, according to a top measuring the citizens' happiness, put forward by a British NGO, The New Economics Foundation. Ranked 70 out of 143 countries, Romanians are outclassed by Costa Rica, first in the top.

The Dominican Republic, followed by Jamaica, Guatemala and Vietnam occupy the top 5 positions. The last country in the top is Zimbabwe.

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