For a day, the Romanian Justice ceased existing. Elsewhere in the news, Banks in Romania show interest in lending again. Last but not least, ex-pitmen leader Miron Cozma announced his intention to run for Romania's presidency, despite the fact that he Court of Justice forbid him to elect or to run for elections until 2014.

For a day, the Romanian Justice ceased existing, Evenimentul Zilei reads. Romanian magistrates cancelled in the court the Finance Ministry’s ordinance reducing their income benefits. Not only did the magistrates breach the law regarding work conflicts by starting protesting at a national level, but their actions also contradicted the Romanian Constitution, according to Justice Ministry officials. Hundreds of trials have been cancelled yesterday in the entire country.

Justice officials and magistrates will ask for incumbent Romanian President Traian Basescu to mediate discussion between the involved parties, government and parliament, to solve the Justice crisis. Benefits worth of 80% of their incomes have been recently axed by the Public Finance Ministry (MFP), just like it has been done with incomes from other sectors.

Bucharest Appeal Court has cancelled the MFP ordinance yesterday. PM Emil Boc reminded the magistrates that "nobody is above the law". Romanian magistrates protested yesterday, between 9 AM and 12 PM. The only two counties where the protests didn't take place were Timisoara and Arad (West). Further protests are to be expected from the courts’ staff.

Banks in Romania show interest in lending again, Cotidianul informs. The banks decided for a serious interest cut, followed by CreditExpo in September, the first credit fair organised in Romania. These are the first signs that banks are considering lending again. Over ten banks plus leasing companies and credit brokers will take part in the fair organised in Bucharest, Cluj (Central-West) and Constanta (South-East). BCR and Raiffeisen cut their interests by up to 3.25% and 4% respectively, for the credits awarded to the population. Both banks are convinced that the measure will attract the population's interest and will have a significant impact on medium-term in the economic re-launch.

UniCredit Tiriac announced that the institution will make available the, Credit for anything Express scheme, allowing people to borrow providing the bank only with a pay slip. The scheme makes up to 20.000 euros available for a ten years' contract. The interests, though, range between 14.2% and 15.20% for the sum in lei, and between 16.65% and 18.65% for euros. There will be no monthly interest fee for the credit awarded in euros, but the same scheme for the sum in lei will see a 0.5% monthly interest.

Gandul reads ex- Valea Jiului pitmen leader Miron Cozma announced on Thursday in Deva (West) his intention to run for Romania's presidency, despite the fact that he court of justice ruled out he was forbidden to elect or to run for elections until 2014. Cozma said that he will run independently if he cannot register his party and, according to him, he was not in a rush to register it. The ex-pitmen leader said that the statistics show the population prefer him over the Social-Democratic leader Mircea Geoana, but he could not release the surveys because he was not backed by a party, Romanian press agency Mediafax informs.

Cozma, who's not a stranger to the life in jail, said he decided to run for Presidency whether or not his candidacy will be approved. According to him, he will put an end to 85% of the corruption in the country within three months. He said he was also working on a scheme to re-launch the agricultural sector. Cozma said he will use the constitution to run for the coming elections.