A new corruption scandal is about to emerge in the Sports and Youth ministry, this time involving new minister Sorina Placinta. However, the investigation of ex-Sports minister Monica Iacob Ridzi is not over and newspapers reveal that she attempted to get rid of the evidence incriminating her. The weather seems to reflect the heated debates on the political scene at the time: starting today, meteorologists forecast temperatures higher than 41 degrees Celsius.

Seems that Sports ministry is on the spotlight these days as even new minister Sorina Placinta is found to have some issues with the law, Evenimentul Zilei reads. Romania's National Integrity Agency discovered serious inconsistencies in the wealth declarations of the current minister.

According to sources within the agency, if the found inconsistencies will prove to be real, Placinta can face charges of false in declarations. The minister could not be contacted yesterday to comment on the issue. Moreover, her wealth declarations were taken off the websites of the Senate, the Government and the Sports ministry and only added a few hours later.

HotNews.ro revealed that Placinta "forgot" to mention her shares in a private company, Milcofil, where apparently several nepotism cases were detected.

Ex-Sports minister Monica Iacob Ridzi is under the attention of anti-graft prosecutors for trying to clean up the mess behind her and fabricate evidence, Cotidianul reads. For Youth Day, apparently Ridzi offered the contracts after a short negotiation by email with one company, without organizing a public tender.

The newspaper reveals that the Ridzi urged her employees, after the scandal broke to delete all emails and simulate a public tender. Romania's general prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi forwarded on Thursday a request to the Chamber of Deputies to approve a penal investigation for the way she saw fit to organize the Youth Day events.

The main accusation against Ridzi is abuse in service, the newspaper reads. As Sports minister, together with other public servants, Ridzi prejudiced the ministry's budget by setting up three services contracts without any public tender.

According to judicial sources, Ridzi attempted, together with lawyers of the private companies to fabricate documents with false dates that would give the impression that a public tender was actually organized.

The heated political debate is reflected by high weather temperatures: Gandul quotes meteorologists estimating temperatures as high as 41 degrees Celsius across the country. In Bucharest, temperatures in the shades will reach 40 degrees Celsius on a beat.

In an attempt to counter possible health problems, Bucharest city hall will set up large tents with air conditioning, medical equipments and water in 22 places across Bucharest. District city halls will also set up some 70 first aid centers and 300 centers of water distribution.

Also, roads and main boulevards will be washed 12 times a day while secondary roads 6 times a day between 10 pm and 7am.