Moldavian president Vladimir Voronin accused the European Union for having a destructive attitude towards Moldova. Elsewhere in the news, the Romanian press also writes about the new IMF predictions on Romania’s budget deficit. Last but not least, a Romanian worker is supposed to be the cause of a fire in Olbia, Sardinia.

Romania Libera reads incumbent Moldavian president Vladimir Voronin accused the European Union for having a destructive attitude towards Moldova, because the group of European Parliamentary observes for the elections on Wednesday were lead by a Romanian, according to Russian press agency RIA Novostri, quoted by Romanian press agency NewsIn. "The EU knows that our relationship with Romania is complicated, but it designates a Romanian citizen to head the observation group for our elections. This is a direct challenge for us", he said.

The EU Parliament observes group, presided by Romanian Marian-Jean Marinescu, featured Renate Weber and Cristian Preda - both Romanian - but also green, socialist and liberal observers: Polish Andrzej Grzyb, Lithuanian Zigmantas Balcytis, Bulgarian Kristian Vighenin and Latvian Tatjana Zdanoka. Voronin added that the Romanian President Traian Basescu was planning to award opposition journalists with Romanian national honours, a proof that Romania has been fighting against the Republic of Moldova for many years.

Voronin said that Russia was "a friend in need", for helping out Moldova with money without preliminary conditions and for making it easy for Moldavian goods to be sold on the Russian market. Romanian minister of Foreign Affairs Cristian Diaconescu declared for Romanian TV channel Realitatea TV that he did not want to start rhetorical confrontations with Vladimir Voronin, and so endangering the future of 4.5 million citizens. He was displeased with Voronin's accusing the EU of a "destructive" attitude.

Cotidianulinforms IMF representatives told Romanian Government on Wednesday evening in Bucharest that their estimates foresee an 8% budget deficit for Romania by the end of 2009. This is twice as much as the IMF forecasted in March. The IMF would go along with it if the Romanian Executive reduces the extra-spending or increases the budget income, according to NewsIn.

A Romanian official said that increased taxes might burden economic agents. Therefore the Government's only solution was to stay within the margins requested by the IMF. Romania assumed a previous 4.6% of the GDP budget deficit, but late analysis led to the conclusion this was not possible.

Romanian minister of Economy Adriean Videanu said he was expecting a 7% budget deficit. The Finance minister said that the level of incomes for the first 2009 semester dropped 5.1% against the last year and reflects the effects of the financial and economic crisis on the private capital markets.

The IMF delegation wants to get a new economic performances goal and Romania's commitment that it will be careful in spending the population's money, according to Gandul. The score of the first IMF evaluation is not the 13 billion euros agreed upon, but also Romania's image. A fail in negotiations would shake the trust of foreign investors.

A Romanian worker is supposed to be the cause of a fire in Olbia, Sardinia, Adevarul informs, quoting TGCOM. He is also accused for not triggering the fire alarm on time. The man was working for a local agricultural company. Investigations showed the fire started on a field in Berchiddeddu. The damages are worth 80 million euros.