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What the newspapers say: July 31, 2009

de C.B.
Vineri, 31 iulie 2009, 8:57 English | Press Review

A Romanian citizen is very likely to have been killed by the Chinese authorities in a drug dealing case. Elsewhere in the news, many Romanian universities put students through education without a legal cover. Last but not least, most Moldavian citizens voting in Romania chose the Liberal Party.

A Romanian citizen is very likely to have been killed by the Chinese authorities, Adevarul reads. Andrei Negrea from Suceava (East Romania) has been declared dead by Suceava chief of Organised Crime and Terrorism Investigation Agency (DIICOT), Marius Cazac. His parents are waiting for the Romanian embassy from Beijing and for the Foreign Affairs minister Cristian Diaconescu to have official information.

According to Cazac, the young man from Suceava was arrested in China last year for drug traffic and executed last week by the Chinese. His father said it was an absurd situation, because he had sent his son money to China last week. He said that his son had left home, letting only his mother know about leaving the country. Until the end of last year, he had the impression that his son was working in a European country.

Andrei told his Romanian friends he was working in a car wash. His friends say that lately, he started wearing make-up, black nail-polish and dressing weird. They heard he had been shot in a drug case. The Romanian authorities in Beijing have not been notified of any Romanian being arrested. Andrei's father said that he intended spend all his money trying to find out who killed his son.

Universities put students through education without a legal cover, Gandul informs. The Quality Agency requested the Ministry of Education to redraw the specialties that have not been subject to evaluation yet. Many universities departments, with an expired licence, produce tens of thousands of students annually.

Five hundred state universities programmes have never been evaluated or lack accreditation, which should be renewed every five years. The private universities count 157 such programmes. Representatives of the Romanian National Agency for Insuring High Education Quality said there were reports every year requesting universities to take actions so that they were covered legally.

Romanian Ministry of Education said the universities have been informed they will not be allowed to receive students for the specialties that have not been subject to evaluation so far. The universities accuse lack of funds, which they say has been the cause of their current situation. Some universities are thinking of using European money for their evaluation.  

Most of the Moldavian citizens voting in Romania chose the Liberal Party, headed by Dorin Chirtoaca, Gandul reads, quoting Romanian press agency Mediafax. This means that approximately 2,000 out of 3,500 Moldavian voters preferred the liberals over the other parties. The Communist Party managed to raise 63 votes, according to the Moldavian business representative in Romania, Iurie Cerbari.

There were 2,187 people voting at the Moldavian Embassy in Bucharest. 1,207 of them chose the Liberal Party, 641 voted in favour of the Liberal-Democrats, 133 votes went to the Democratic Party, Moldova Noastra Alliance received 122 votes and the Communist Party from the Republic of Moldova raised 34 votes.  

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