Tourism minister Elena Udrea is in the spotlight, as the Parliament decided to set up an investigation committee to analyze the ministry's spending, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Elsewhere in the news, Romania's National Fiscal Administration plans to check the rich by their spending. Last but not least, the IMF urged the government to abandon luxury pensioners.

The Parliament's committee investigating current Tourism minister Elena Udrea spending will start to audit journalists who initially signaled irregularities, Cotidianul reads. The committee decided to hear journalists mentioned in the case with closed doors because, as one member of the commission declared, journalists only did their job.

The committee is currently investigating how much the ministry spent to accommodate, feed transports journalists, and how did the ministry reason this spending. The aim of the commission is to decide whether the spending is classified as bribe or there is a ministry's order or decision regarding this.

At the moment the committee is waiting for documents attesting the approved budgets, contracts, investment plans etc.

Elsewhere in the news on Wednesday, Romania's National Fiscal Administration plans to check the rich by checking what they spend, Gandul reads. However, the rich are still safe at the moment as the administration admits that such a measure will be applied, the earliest, starting 2010.

The agency's president, Sorin Blejnar declared that the institution he runs should investigate both the revenues of a rich person but also the spending level. Blejnar confessed that this is one of his long term objective, but he has yet no guarantee whether it will be implemented.

If the agency will receive the acceptance of the government, the new obligation will be implemented starting 2010, if there will be political will, the agency's president declared for the newspaper.

Gandul reads that the IMF urged the government to compute all pensions according to the contributions to the state budget, and not by special laws. State employees who take advantage of a monthly aid of some thousands of euro will have to receive a normal pension.

Moreover, the IMF warned the government that it should investigate more carefully the reasons people retire, as one of four Romanians retire on medical grounds. Quoted sources declared that special pension schemes should be integrated in the public system through a new law and calculated according to the contributions made to the state.

The measure will affect some 200,000 people: magistrates, military personnel and other people who receive high pensions.