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What the newspapers say: August 6, 2009

de C.B.
Joi, 6 august 2009, 8:35 English | Press Review

The Romanian Government will reduce state agencies by half, resulting in 9,200 jobs axed. Further in the news, Romanian President Traian Basescu declared that he and "the entire Europe" supported ex-Moldavian communist president Vladimir Voronin in the 2005 elections. Last but not least, the liberal-democrats are unsure of Basescu running for a second presidential mandate on their behalf: one scenario sees the incumbent president running independently.

The Romanian Government will reduce state agencies by half, Cotidianul informs. The announcement was made last night by the Romanian PM Emil Boc, after the meeting with the ministers. Out of 226 state agencies, authorities, authorities, institutes, administrations, centres and other structures, the Government will let only 107 of them live. Boc noted that 33 such structures are compulsory in the relationship with the European Union.

The measure will axe about 9,200 jobs and is said to bring 50 million euros worth of economies. The Romanian state will also receive the straight income of some agencies that also used their own money. This is supposed to bring 100 million euros to the state budget. The Prime Minister mentioned that another 60 commercial societies run by the Ministry of Economy and Transport are currently being evaluated or shut down.

Romanian incumbent president Traian Basescu declared that he and "the entire Europe" supported ex-Moldavian communist president Vladimir Voronin in the 2005 elections and after in creating the parliamentary majority he needed, Adevarul reads. In an interview for the public TV channel, Basescu said that Voronin managed to fool him and the entire EU that he was pro-European and that he would bring the Republic of Moldova closer to the EU.

Basescu refered to Voronin's second mandate by indicating the violence from the April 2009 elections in Chisinau. He described Voronin as "a bolshevist who set the state institutions against his own nation". Basescu said he believed in the Moldavian democratic parties, which did not give the communists the one vote they needed in April to elect the president. Romania constantly brings up Moldova in the European Commission meetings. "It is a solid foreign policy element, but we need to have a partner in Chisinau that we can support", concluded Basescu.

According to Gardianul, one political scenario sees the incumbent president running as independent for a second mandate. Members of the Liberal-Democratic party seemed to be confused about Traian Basescu running on their behalf. Liberal Relu Fenechiu claims that "Boc Government’s foolishness and theft might bring Basescu great image prejudices and he risks not making it into the second round. He's now seeking for the right decision, that s running independently".

Another scenario sees the current PM Emil Boc running for presidency for PD-L and Basescu for the PM role, in a Putin-Medvedev leading model. But Basescu might not risk this combination, since Boc is either non-existent or records very low scores in surveys. Despite the fact that Basescu did not announce his candidacy yet, some PD-L members think he will run and win for them.

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