The governmental plan to lay off some 100,000 people at best is slowly becoming a reality, one newspaper reads on Thursday. Elsewhere in the news, more and more Romanians flee to the countryside, away from the cities. Last but not least, Dacia Logan is the best sold brand in Bulgaria.

Cotidianul reads about the grand restructuring scheme which the government plans to implement this year, causing some 100,000 lay offs. To begin with, some 10,000 positions will disappear after restructuring the governmental agencies. Thousands of employees will be sent home by the end of the year.

Economy Ministry will lay off 5,400 people after some 4,800 lost their jobs in the last year. Economy minister Adriean Videanu said that the ministry is currently looking for some solutions for those laid off.

Interior Ministry will lay off some 1,225 positions while the Finance ministry will cut 447 positions. By these measures, the government hopes to stabilize the current account deficit and cut spending.

What is more, governmental sources declared for the newspaper that the government plans to cut some benefits, which will affect those working in the judicial and army systems.

A consequence of the economic crisis or not, more and more Romanians flee to the countryside, Romania libera reads, quoting a GfK Romania study. Sociologist Ovidiu Voicu said that this translates into a stagnation of the economy and a sign of backwardness.

Two out of one hundred Romanians living in the city moved to the countryside in the last year or plan to move next year, the study reveals. The main conclusions of the study reads that 2% of the citizens over 15 years old consider moving at the countryside.

Voicu explained that during an economic boom, people have the tendency to move to the cities, but as the economy is well shaken at the time, the reverse is true.

Even though the car market collapsed by 49% in Bulgaria, in the last seven months Dacia Renault and Toyota register good sales. Dacia Logan series, produced in Romania, are at the moment the best sold model in Bulgaria, Gandul reads.

Bulgarians bought some 998 Logan cars this year alone which marked an unexpected sale rate for the brand.