Most newspapers on Monday read about how politicians use any occasion to increase their electoral capital for the upcoming presidential elections. Elsewhere in the news, another lavish expense in times of crisis makes it to the front page: Bucharest's district 6 city hall plans to spend 47 million euro for grass and plants. Last but not least, a Romanian became famous in Kansas, US after saving two women and two girls.

As presidential elections loom, politicians take advantage of any opportunity, be it religious or not, to increase their electoral capital. Romania libera reads that for Saint Mary celebrations politicians flee Bucharest, to score some image points in the country.

Tens of people across the country attended the ceremony organized at the old Nicula monastery, in Cluj, central Romania. Currently, the monastery is used by the Romanian Orthodox church. As usual, politicians took advantage of the event and on Saturday morning the religious ceremony took an electoral campaign look.

PM Emil Boc and Social Democratic Party leader Mircea Geoana were present at Nicula. The two were accompanied by a cohort of other politicians brought from various cities. President Basescu did not miss the opportunity either and attended the ceremony at Tismana Monastery, in Gorj.

Yesterday, Basescu also attended the religious ceremony at Prislop Monastery, in Maramures, North Romania. Thousands of people attended the ceremonies, across the country.

Gandul reveals the plans of Bucharest's district 6 city hall to spend some 47 million euro for grass and plans, in an attempt to celebrate the Patriarch. 20 million euro was already allocated from the budget and another 27 million euro come from EU funds targeted to embellish the urban settings.

District 6 mayor's counselor, Mihai Anghel declared for the newspaper that their objective, in times of crisis is to stimulate investments which can trigger a whole economic circuit. Probably for the same reason, the newspaper reads, Bucharest city hall, lead by mayor Sorin Oprescu plans to invest some 70,000 euro for a 15 m cross with flowers. The cross will be located downtown Bucharest, in Unirea park as an homage for the Romanian Patriarchy.

Cotidianul reads about the 27 year old Romanian who saved two women and two little girls in Kansas, US by jumping into a canal. Dan Florin Peteanu became famous after he risked his life for some women who fell in a water canal with their car.

Dan confessed that as televisions took over the story, his small business started to flourish as people summoned him for his services. Dan left Cluj, central Romania eight years ago. In Kansas he owns a small business and married with an American woman. His company, with 10 employees did not even feel the financial crisis.