"Screw the governing!": social-democrats are upset with governing coalition colleague PDL, in the wake of the presidential elections. Elsewhere in the news, Romania is losing 18 million euros a day. Last but not least, one in three Romanians could be affected by swine flu by the end of 2009.

"Scrue the governing! We're not talking about governing here, but about a law package, which means claiming responsibility", social-democratic honorific leader and ex-Romanian president Ion Iliescu said in a party meeting yesterday, Cotidianul informs. The leader was upset with PM Emil Boc and his party PDL rush to assume the laws for education, unique income scheme and the pensions' system reform.

PSD vice-presidents and members that do not hold a minister are unhappy with president Mircea Geoana supporting the prime minister’s decisions without a proper debate. They were considering opting out of the coalition on September 2nd, when Boc is allegedly going to assume responsibility for the new laws.

They are also displeased with the faint electoral campaign PSD is leading and threaten the party's leadership with resignation. PSD members also discussed the possibilities of undermining the PM's claiming responsibility for the laws.

National Liberal Party president Crin Antonescu said that PNL, in confirmed opposition until the presidential elections, is prepared to re-join the governing coalition, should PSD opt out, according to Romanian press agency NewsIn.

PDL suggested exchanging the Interior Ministry leadership, currently held by PSD, with the Economy Ministry, led by lib-dem Adriean Videanu. The score seems to be the intelligence service "Doi si un sfert" and the fact that the Interior Ministry will organise the presidential elections.

Romania is losing 18 million euros a day, Gandul reads. The losses have been reduced from 21 million euros daily, but Romania is still an unprofitable business. Its medium daily incomes amount to 100 million euros and the mean expenditure - to 118 millions.

Gandul points out that the state has taken about 33 million euros worth of expensive credit: 13 millions come from commercial banks and the rest of 20 millions come from the IMF and the European Commission, burdening the budget with high interests. The daily goes on to say the citizens paid 700 million euros only for debts to banks in the first 2009 semester.

The publication reads the government borrowed money to pay its staff, giving up any investment plan. The capital expenditure dropped 16% in the first half of the year against the same 2008 period, while income expenditure increased 12%. Simultaneously, the private sector faced massive redundancies and cuts in salaries up to 20%. Private investors spent 9 billion euros less in Romania during the first semester, namely -43%.

One in three Romanians could be affected by swine flu by the end of the current year, according to Romanian "Cantacuzino" Institute forecast, Romania Libera reads. The Romanian Ministry of Health and "Cantacuzino" Institute do not seem to see eye to eye when it comes to swine flu prognosis, but the number of swine cases doubled during the last three weeks in Romania, reaching 253. Getting swine flu is more likely to be influenced by travelling abroad, having a global accelerated rate of infection.

It is believed that about seven million Romanians could get infected. Doctors say the symptoms are mild and anybody should easily get over it. Between 20 and 30% of the European population might catch the virus the coming spring, the European Disease Control and Prevention Centre go, according to dr. Geza Molnar, advisor for the Romanian minister of Health. But the first test will be this autumn. Romania is counting on the inner production of the anti-swine flu vaccine, which should be ready by November this year.