The pharmacists warn: we might run out of medicines. Further in the news, the new unique income scheme features huge discrepancies, leaving the jobs in the Education and Health departments at the bottom of the list. Two thirds of the Romanians are certain their votes will be subject to fraud. Last but not least, 15,000 Romanians are to be sacked by the end of the year.

Romanian pharmacists warn they might soon run of medicines and accuse that the Romanian Health Insurance House hasn't given them the money for drugs during the last months, Cotidianul informs. The budget is close to its thin red line in the Health department. The chronically ill will face problems trying to find a pharmacy to sell them subvention drugs, starting September.

Romanian medicines distributors consider that the financial situation in the health department is explosive, with many pharmacies not being able to pay the distributors and being on the brink of bankruptcy. Hospitals do not pay for medicine or old dues, some owing money since 2006. The money the Romanian hospitals and pharmacies need to pay drug distributors amounts to 400 million euros on a national level.

Romanian Health Ministry proposed that medicine suppliers should be paid in factoring system, namely 85% on the spot and 15% as bank commission. The Finance Ministry still needs to agree. The hospitals' budget has been cut by 30% this year, GPs, by 40% and lab investigation, by 50% against the 2008 figures. Referring to the suppliers still waiting for their money, chief of Romanian Medicine Distributors Association said: "If the situation does not change, it is only a matter of time until the system will block."

The new unique income scheme features huge discrepancies, Gandul reads. The Government plan to give it green light today and soon assume responsibility for it in Parliament. The minimum income could increase from 480 lei to 600 or 750 lei. The publication points out a "serious legislative error", which leaves the minimum income for the unqualified worker to 480 lei.

A debutant priest or marine officer, both categories implying high education, could earn 720 and 900 lei respectively, the same income like a starting technician working for environment protection or food security staff - categories requested medium studies. Simultaneously a junior animal carer is due to earn 690 or 862.5 lei. A junior dentist might get 780-975 lei.

A locality secretary may earn up to 3,412.5lei, while a university lector with over 40 years of experience is to receive up to 2,887.5 lei. A physician who has obtained all medical ranks is due to earn a maximum of 3,825 lei. Chiefs in the local administration offices have incomes far more superior than these. 80% of the income schemes proposed by the Labour Ministry have been diminished by 15-25%, after all schemes have been already cut by 40% against the unions' requests.

Two months prior to the presidential elections, 63% of the Romanian citizens are certain their votes are subject to fraud, Cotidianul reads, quoting a survey put together by the Social Research and Branding Company (CCSB) at the APD's request. 18% are convinced the elections are fair, while 19% don't know what to believe. The number of those believing the elections are stolen is up 11%, while the opposite choice is down 15%.

CCSB manager Mirel Palada holds the media as partly responsible and says that these figures, as well as the trust in parties and Parliaments ranking under 20%, should worry politicians. IMAS chief believes that the percentage is real and in continuous increase. He added that the current law allows for fraud to happen. 48% of the Romanian voters would rather have a compulsory vote. The most likely to believe the votes are stolen are people with high education.

At least 15,000 Romanians will be sacked by the end of the year, according to Adevarul. Thus, the number of unemployed might reach 600,000. Companies in Romania announced the National Agency for Employment (ANOFM) they will operate major redundancies by the end of the year, Romanian press agency NewsIn informs. But ANOFM reps consider the IMF unemployment prediction for Romania, i.e. 800,000.

ANOFM reps say that 10.000 redundancies have been registered with them already at an national level. According to them, people should register with ANOFM for re-skill schemes or a new job offer. Data show that Romanians accept with difficulty a change in their profession. The current unemployment figures in Romania read 572,562, 80% of which coming from the private sector. This is the maximum unemployment level in the last 5 years.