The Government is to meet in an extraordinary session to debate again on the new unique income scheme, while unions threaten with protests, the Romanian press reads. Further in the news, Romanian Transports minister is accused of preferential distribution of four ports on the Danube River. Last but not least, Romanian sailors, kidnapped in the Aden Gulf and released by Somali pirates, point their finger to the guilty.

The Government is to meet in an extraordinary session to debate again, on Thursday, on the new unique income scheme, according to Gandul. Romania's PM Emil Boc has asked the Finance minister to have discussion with each minister separately. The Unions said they were unhappy with the final form of the laws, which goes against their agreement with the commission which drafted the laws.

Union reps point out that certain categories enjoy 100% bonuses, while others lose out on incomes. At the same time, unions say the Executive has changed social categories. Health and Education staff is amongst the worst paid in Romania, while the magistrates, the central and local administration staff are leading the incomes' top. 80% of the agreed income schemes have been downgraded by 40% and again by 15-20%, against the proposals made by the Work Ministry.

Unions threaten to respond starting with October 1st, through marches, protests in front of public institutions, Japanese strikes, warning strikes, and general strikes if the Government is not going to consult them again.

Romanian minister of Transports, lib-dem Radu Berceanu, is accused of preferential distribution of the four ports on the Danube river in Dolj county (South Romania), Evenimentul Zilei reads. Dolj County Council president (PSD) accuses Berceanu for keeping Bechtel, the most profitable port, under PDL's administration, and leaving the other three, less profitable, Rast, Cetate and Calafat, under the administration of other political colours.

On the other hand, the county mayor (PDL) says he can hardly wait to administrate Bechtel port, as it is "a cash cow". He says he wants to modernise it through European projects. Local mayors from Calafat and Rast were furious to learn the ports will be administrated by the county council. They said Berceanu initially promised them the administration of the ports. They are prepared to sue if the situation changes because the ports bring in good money.

Romanian Ministry of Transport spokesperson said there has been an error and that Berceanu will first wait for the local councils to decide whether Bechet, Rast, Calafat and Cetate are to be managed locally, or if they rather have the county administration doing it. According to Berceanu, the National Administration for Maritime Danube Ports, which used to manage small ports, will conclude its activity. The local councils have the choice of taking over the small ports' management.

Romanian sailors kidnapped in the Aden golf and released by Somali pirates point their finger on the guilty part, Adevarul informs. Five Romanian sailors have been freed one week ago by Somali pirates from the Italian ship Buccaneer: Adrian Gîlcă, George Dorel, Nicuşor Marinescu, Marius Aragea and Stefan Borcan. The latter accuses the Italian company Leadership Management, which he says is responsible for everything.

The sailor says the crew requested a security team, a usual procedure for certain transports, but the Italians refused. He believes things would have been different, had they had the opportunity to defend themselves. The man is now reunited with his wife. He says he will continue being a sailor, but that he will never return to the place where he had been captured.