IMF will sponsor Romania's presidential elections this fall, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, to celebrate Bucharest days, district 2 mayor, Neculai Ontanu came up with the idea to offer four series of free trips to Bulgaria. Last but not least, Romania's economy will get a nudge, as Pepsi build nearby Bucharest its biggest factory in Europe, with a 150 million dollar investment.

Cotidianul reads about the government's decision to use IMF money for pensions, salaries, investment contracts and in the upcoming presidential elections this Fall. Leaders of the governmental coalition met Monday night in a special meeting to discuss the budgetary modifications for 2009 as IMF officials accepted to allow that part of the money be delivered to the Finance ministry.

IMF approved that half of the money coming with two money installments - some 1.7 billion euro to be used to finance the budgetary deficit. In this vein, leaders of the governmental coalition met to discuss how to spend the money.

The newspaper reads that the Interior Ministry is the only ministry that received an increase in the budget and journalists speculate that this is because the ministry will organize the Presidential elections this fall.

To mark Bucharest Days, district 2 mayor Neculai Ontanu found an innovative way: he will offer free holidays for district 2 citizens to Bulgaria, Gandul reads. Officially, the trip will only take one day and will involve a trip over the border, at Ruse to visit a monastery.

Unofficially, however, the newspaper reads that the trip will offer participants free lunch and other benefits that are not disclosed yet. Mayor Ontanu refused to give any details regarding the trips he planned.

However, the newspaper managed to find out from the mayor that the trips will be paid by sponsors. But it is not clear which are the companies willing to sponsor such trips, as the Mayor refused to offer any details.

Seems that the politicians' good will towards the citizens, fuelled by public money, started to kick off, in light of the upcoming presidential elections this Fall.

Gandul reads about Pepsi's new factory nearby Bucharest, the biggest factory in Europe with an investment worth 150 million dollars. The official opening will be marked on September 1 and some of the activities of the Bucharest factory were relocated here. In 2007, Quadrant Amrog Bottiling which produced and distributed Pepsi in Romania.

Last month, PepsiCo launched in Russia its biggest factory in the world, with an investment just 30 million dollars higher than the one in Romania.