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What the newspapers say: September 2, 2009

de A.C.
Miercuri, 2 septembrie 2009, 8:35 English | Press Review

Europarliamentarian, businessman and owner of one of Bucharest's football clubs, Steaua, Gigi Becali declared that he is 95% sure he will run for president this fall if he manages to convince his mother. Elsewhere in the news, Romania received the Golden Apple Award, the equivalent of the Oscars for tourism. Last but not least, Romania's yearly Golden Stag starts today in Brasov, Central Romania.

Gandul reads in its Wednesday edition about Gigi Becali's decision to run for President in this year's Fall Presidential elections. Owner of one of the biggest football clubs in Bucharest, Steaua and renowned businessman, Becali still has second thoughts due to his mother, who does not agree with his decision.

The newspaper reads about Becali's plans to run for president. He explained that he will not win the elections, but at least he will get 10 to 15% and will be able to negotiate the votes with other counter-candidates. Therefore, he plans that he will offer the swinging votes to decide who gets to run in the second round.

When it comes to his family, Becali explained that his wife and mother are against his decision. However, he said that he will manage to convince them if he brings the religious argument, and portray himself as a sacrificing man, just like Christ.

Immediately after the scandal of his arrest, Becali had 10% at CURS survey and 7% at the survey conducted by CSOP. However, Becali was generally ignored in the last surveys. Thus, in July just one survey takes Becali into account - a CSOP research in July where Becali has 9%.

On a lighter tone, Evenimentul Zilei reads that Romania received the Golden Apple award, the equivalent of the Oscar for tourism which is offered for destinations or personalities who had a say in the development of tourism.

The award, offered by the International Federation of Journalists and Writers about Tourism marks a world premiere because it is the first time when they offer three awards to the same country. The Federation's President, Tihani Haddad declared that Romanians are warm and open which is the essence of tourism.

The three awards were offered to the Danube Delta, Sibiu's surroundings - which is considered by Forbes the most romantic eco-touristic area in the world and to Blue Air, the most dynamic airline in Eastern Europe.

The Danube Delta is the biggest reservation in Europe and most well preserved. Sibiu's surroundings is one of Romania's ethnic centers, in which local traditions are well respected by its inhabitants.

Gandul reads about the debut of this year's edition of the Golden Stag, in Brasov, central Romania. Several famous Romanian singers or bands will perform at the festival like Luminita Anghel, Aura Urziceanu, Mihai Georgescu, Delia Matache, or Paula Seling.

The nigh will end with a performance of the Hot Chocolate band.

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