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What the newspapers say: September 2, 2009

de C.B.
Joi, 3 septembrie 2009, 2:26 English | Press Review

Chaos in the Government: a political crisis is threatening to add to the economical situation, the Romanian press reads. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian Foreign Affairs minister reviewed his decision of cancelling his visit Netherlands, despite the recent statements reaching the press from both parties. Last but not least, breaking the Constitution or an institution’s regulations does not attract penal charges, Romanian Tourism minister declared.  

"Chaos in the Government: state employees' incomes are uncertain, anti-crisis measures are waiting for better times and the education laws are in a continuous Brownian movement, depending exclusively on the political environment temperature" Cotidianul informs. Apparently, the Romanian governing coalition, made up by social-democrats and the lib-dems, are treading on each other's nerves, without taking any firm decision or responsibility on the new laws addressing the unique salary scheme, Education reform and the anti-crisis measures.

The laws are still subject to parliamentary amendments. "Despite the great importance of the law packages, the ruling parties don't miss a chance to pull each other's hair and to question the country's political stability", the publication goes on. The social-democratic leader Mircea Geoana told the PM (lib-dem) that he holds information according to which Romania's President himself requested PSD out of the Government. In his opinion, this would bring a political crisis on top of the economic situation.

PDL sources declared that the reshuffle wanted by Romania's PM is postponed. According to Evenimentul Zilei, Geoana told the PM that assuming responsibility for the education law and unique income scheme would lead to a political crisis. PSD is meeting in Arges (South) to decide whether or not to quit the coalition. Local liberal-democratic leaders asked Romanian PM Emil Boc to get PSD out of the Government. Sources quoted by Romanian press agency NewsIn say that it possible for Romania to have a new government by the end of the week.

The Government session went on until late on Monday evening. Sources quoted by Romanian press agency Mediafax said that the Government decided to take responsibility for all three laws anyhow, and the Parliament is to receive them soon.

Romanian Foreign Affairs minister Cristian Diaconescu reviewed his decision to cancel his visit to the Netherlands and decided eventually to take part in a Dutch Legislative session on Thursday, Adevarul informs. Diaconescu had previously declared he will cancel his visit to the Netherlands, reacting to a Dutch document criticizing the lack of anti-corruption measures in Romania and its EU funds management.

After a conversation he had with the Dutch Foreign Affairs minister and after receiving clarifications from the Dutch diplomats, Diaconescu changed his mind on his initial decision and was persuaded to pursue his visit after all. A Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry report reads that Diaconescu's visit is important, "aiming to support Romania's interests on the very day the Netherlands will decide its position on the Cooperation and Supervision Mechanism that addresses Romania".

Romanian Tourism minister Elena Udrea declared for the Romanian press that the members  of the parliamentary Commission investigating her do not know the law, because one does not attract penal sanctions if one goes against the Constitution or an institution's regulations, Adevarul reads. The minister's reaction follows the president of the parliamentary investigation Commission Ludovic Orban requesting the beginning of the penal procedures. Udrea is investigated for the way she spent public money in promoting Romania's image and tourism.

Orban said his request is backed by the issue of ministerial responsibility, Romania's Constitution and the Regulation of the Deputies' Chamber. Udrea accused the Commission again of abuse against her and of fabricating penal charges for inexistent deeds. The Tourism minister appeared twice in front of the Commission, refusing to answer any question and leaving the hearings on both occasions. She requested that the members of the investigation Commissions are changed.   

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