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What the newspapers say: September 4, 2009

de A.C.
Vineri, 4 septembrie 2009, 8:22 English | Press Review

Democrat Liberals plan to remove the Social Democrats from the government, one newspaper reads on Friday. If politics seems full of surprises, Romania's national currency seems to have no surprises until 2010 at least, Reuters informs. However, when the political manages the economical, surprises often sprang up: the Romanian Court of Accounts reveals that the 2007 institutional mismanagement lead to 100 million euro losses.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the plans of the Democrat Liberals (PD-L) to remove the Social Democrats (PSD) from the governing coalition. However, Democrat Liberals call it "government reshuffling" and officially announced that they will lay off one Democrat Liberal for every Social Democrat.

Still confused on whether the support the Democrat Liberals in the Parliament when they plan to take responsibility for a pack of laws, Social Democrats are happy just to counter scenarios ion the press.

Sources for the newspaper revealed that the first targeted Social Democrat is Interior Minister Dan Nica. Social Democrats reply that Nica's head is hunted by President Basescu, because the Presidential elections will be organized by the Interior Minister.

Democrat Liberals count that Nica's lay off will also highlight existent internal tensions within the Social Democratic Party which would pressure PSD to give up the governing coalition. To avoid a scandal, Democrat Liberals also plan to lay off some of its personnel like: Culture minister Paleologu or Youth Minister Sorina Placinta.

In economics today, Cotidianul reads that the national currency will have no surprises until 2010, quoting a Reuters article. 38 analysts questioned by Reuters estimate that the Romanian Ron will depreciate in the upcoming three months up to 4.29 units for one euro.

However, after 12 months, its parity will gradually decrease to 4.15 lei/euro, most analysts declared for Reuters. On Thursday, the reference rate published by Romania's National Bank was 4.2442 lei for one euro, a maximum level in the last seven weeks.

In the Reuters survey, analysts estimate that the leu will gain ground to the euro in the upcoming three months, to 4.21 lei/euro. In the last months, Romania's leu was the most stable currency in Eastern Europe, Reutes reads.

Romania libera reads that in 2007 Romania lost 100 million euro - the same amount which, in 2008, the government, lead by Calin Popescu Tariceanu at the time, was used to sustain Romania's car industry which was collapsing due to the crisis. The loss, the newspaper reads, was caused by a mismanagement of public money and the state's patrimony.

The same institutions which are now pressured to lay off massive personnel. The information appears in the annual report of Romania's Court of Accounts, published in June 2009, according to the law. The document is based on almost 2,900 controls over ministries, agencies, prefectures or city halls.

Inspectors discovered that the main causes were the mismanagement of the public patrimony, instability or the fact that the state did not cash several taxes and contributions of the state budget. In the top, the Finance Ministry seems to have wasted most, together with Romania's Foreign Affairs Ministry or Health Ministry.

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