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What the newspapers say: September 8, 2009

de A.C.
Marţi, 8 septembrie 2009, 8:04 English | Press Review

Looks like President Basescu will chose to run as an independent for another mandate, one newspaper reads. Elsewhere in the news, Social Democrat deputy Robert Negoita owes some 9.5 million euro to the state for VAT. Last but not least, famous Romanian swimmer Camelia Potec is on the verge of giving up her career because the state cannot offer her the minimum conditions to train. On an optimistic tone, Romanian movie Police. Adjective was selected among other 48 productions to be considered for the European Film Academy awards.

President Basescu will run for another mandate as an independent, Cotidianul reads, quoting official sources within the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L). Leader of the Democrat Liberal deputies, Mircea Toader confirmed for the newspaper that Basescu will run as an independent and that the Democrat Liberals amended the law regulating Presidential elections, which rules that an independent candidate can be sustained by a political party.

Toader explained for the newspaper that the Democrat Liberals introduced the amendment precisely for Basescu as he can only run as an independent. The initial law had some inconsistencies and the candidate could have been attacked, based on the law - which is what the article in question amended. Now, according to Toader, Basescu can run as an independent without fear of being legally contested.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul reads about the 7,000 Romanians who did not pay their VAT during 2006 to 2008 which amounts to some 670 million euro to the state budget. The top is lead by Social Democrat Parliamentarian Robert Negoita who is due to pay some 9.5 million euro in VAT.

Negoita sold 753 new homes on his name but did not pay his VAT. However, he is not the only one who "forgot" to pay their dues to the state: another 7,000 Romanians are in the same situation.

Negoita is the richest deputy among his party with 1,603 houses owned and 57 terrains, described in detail on 72 pages. Now, he has about 600 houses to sell. Contacted by the newspaper Negoita said that he does not know anything about it. Plus, he added that this is a political revenge, above anything else as he was a member in several committees investigating the cases of ex-Sports minister Ridzi or the current investigation of Tourism minister Elena Udrea.

Gandul reads about the Romanian Sports ministry decision not to give Romanian swimmer Camelia Potec any more money for her coach, which makes it impossible for the athlete to train.

Awarded with a bronze medal at the latest Swimming World Championship in Rome, when Potec was the only one to get on the podium, she is now ready to give up her career, due to money problems.

Trained in France, by Phillipe Lucas, Potec is the only swimmer in Romania who managed to win medals in the last years. Except that Lucas needs to be paid, and the Romanian Sports ministry announced Potec that they will cease any payments.

With this on her plate, Potec says that she considers giving up, as she cannot afford to pay her coach and Lucas is not willing to work with her without payment. Potec declared that Lucas needs to be paid by September 15, when she will also decide whether she will give up this sport or not.

Gandul reads that Romanian movie Police.Adjective was selected, among other 48 productions to be considered for the European Film Academy awards. Directed by Corneliu Porumboiu, the movie represents Romania at the European Film Academy.

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