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What the newspapers say: September 9, 2009

de C.B.
Miercuri, 9 septembrie 2009, 2:22 English | Press Review

The mayors who make electoral promises and not keep them afterwards will be punished by law. Elsewhere in the news, Romania’s president snapped at the general prosecutor, while accusing the lack of solutions in the 1989 Revolution dossier. Last but not least, important Romanian swimmer is to redraw because the Sport bodies would not pay for her training.

The mayors who make electoral promises and not keep them afterwards will be punished by law, Evenimentul Zilei reads. They could lose the state's support. The new government decision is meant to decide on the criteria underlining local budgets. According to the normative act, should the mayors persist in lying, there will be further sanctions.

The consequences that electoral lies attract are still to be discussed, but a member of the Interior Ministry believes that it could result in the annual state budget being cut for the locality run by a deceitful mayor. The local council could be stuck with posters informing citizens on the gas supply networks from the region, school facilities, temperature and toilets, running water and infrastructure they could expect.

Schools are to see their budgets cut if students get sick or don't promote. An extreme measure will award money to hospitals according to the number of patients that get better. But the local leaders cannot agree with these last measures and disagree that the quality standards in the health department can be set according to the number of patients that get better. Some local leaders, though, welcome the idea of promising only what can be achieved.

Basescu snapped at Romania's general prosecutor Laura Codruta Kevesi when she tried to justify several inconvenience related to the incapacity to give a verdict in the case of the Romanian Revolution from December 1989, Cotidianul reads. "Do not mistake me for a journalist to whom you're giving a press statement", Romania's incumbent president firmly declared. It happened during discussions between Revolution veterans hunger-strikers and Government and Justice Ministry representatives. The leader of 21 December 1989 Association has been on a hunger strike in front of the Cotroceni Palace for 24 days.

The revolutionaries' association accused not being able to consult, neither them, nor the Human Rights European Court (CEDO), the Revolution's dossier, which has not been yet finalised or sent to trial. Kovesi said she was prevented by the law. According to Romania Libera, Basescu considered it to be outrageous the fact that "after 20 years, we don't know the truth about the Revolution; we don't know the truth about the mineriads from June 13 to 15".

"The reality forces you to say if the people who died shot themselves or were shot by somebody", he added. Kovesi attacked the military prosecutor Dan Voinea for not solving the case so far. Dan Voinea was the one to handle the Revolution dossier. He retired, but yesterday President Basescu ordered Romania's general prosecutor and PM Emil Boc to have Voinea reinstated and made to finalise the case. Surprisingly for the journalists, the discussions were held with open doors.

The Romanian Sport Ministry refuses to pay swimmer Camelia Potec for a personal coach, which made her decide to redraw from the competitions, Gandul informs. The Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR) and the Romanian Swimming Federation do not differ in attitude. Nobody made her coach, French Philippe Lucas, stay in Romania for 12 months, COSR representative says, adding that COSR finances projects, not ideas and certainly not personal coaches.

Lucas could be considered for pay if he agreed to train a team of swimmers. Romanian sport state secretary says that the law does not allow the ministry to pay Lucas, despite the fact that COSR wants to prepare Potec for the 2012 Olympic Games. Philippe Lucas could receive some money if he agrees to prepare Romania's swimming team.

But Potec fears that if he accepts, he will find himself trainer of the national team and will not have time to prepare her. Potec says that she will give up her swimming, since she is convinced the Romanian Sport chiefs want to see her out of the competition. Potec won Olympic gold in Athens, 2004 and three highest podiums in France last year, as well as silver and bronze in the swimming competitions from Manchester and Eindhoven.

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