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What the newspapers say: September 14, 2009

de C.B.
Luni, 14 septembrie 2009, 8:45 English | Press Review

The new education law institutes the spy-students. Elsewhere in the news, the minimum income will increase over 705 lei in 2010 only if the number of state employees will be reduced to respect the annual targets, the Romanian press reads. Last but not least, the family of the Romanian girl said to have taken part in Silvio Berluscon's orgies prospered soon after their daughter left for work in Rome.

The new education law invents the spy-students, Cotidianul reads. The Andronescu code, for which the Government will take responsibility on Tuesday, introduced a new high school education profile: next to humanistic, scientific, military, artistic, sports, theological and technological vocations, Romanian underage students will be able to opt for the "public order and security information" profile.

Romanian History professor teaching at The University from Bucharest, Zoe Petre, made a public appeal for the urgent amendment of the law. She compared Romania's future spy teenagers with kids in Cambodia and the Maoist teenagers of the "cultural revolution" in China. "Nowhere in the world, not even in North Korea, are there high schools for spies and intelligence", Zoe Petre said. According to her, the law represents "a grave breaking of all norms addressing the protection of children and adolescents".

Several articles of the new education law indicate that the spy-students' curriculum will be decided by the Defence Ministry, the Interior Ministry, Justice Ministry, the Romanian Intelligence Service and other institutions in the defence, information, public order and national security departments, with the approval of the Education Ministry.

Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu, social-democrat, was not available for a comment. She did declare in an interview for Romanian TV Channel Antena 3 that the law addresses "rather the university students. There must be a typing error".

Romania Libera reads the minimum income will increase over 705 lei in 2010 only if the number of state employees is reduced to respect the annual targets regarding the Government spending with state staff, quoting Romanian press agency Mediafax. According to the 39 amendments included in the unique salary scheme, in 2010 only incomes lower than 705 lei/month will increase.

The document shows that the Government modified its annual targets. The GDP percentage will be reduced annually, until 2015: from 9.4% in 2009 to 8.7% in 2010, 8.16% in 2011, 7.88% in 2012, 7.58% in 2013, 7.34% in 2014 and 7% in 2015. The initial law said that, by 2015, Romania's state staff expenditure must be reduced to 6%.

IMF delegation chief in Romania Jeffrey Franks declared in August, after discussions with Romanian authorities, that the number of state employees will drop by 0.5% annually for the next four to five years. Romanian Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea stated in August that a number of 326,000 staff working in the public department will be sacked by 2015.

According to Cotidianul, the Romanian Work Ministry hides the real unemployment rate behind flawed statistics, recording only people looking for work in job centres. Ex-Work minister Maria Campeanu indicates this as the explanation for the fact that, despite the 8% economic regression in 2009, Romania has one of the lowest unemployment rate in the EU: 6.6%, against the 9%, the EU mean figure from the latest Eurostat values.

The family of Ioana Visan, the Romanian girl said to have taken part in Silvio Berlusconi's orgies, prospered soon after their daughter left for work in Rome, Adevarul reads. They bought a mill in Malureni, a locality in Arges (South Romania). Her parents and brother are in the country. Apparently, her brother was helped by the family to acquire an apartment and a car in the city where his sisters used to live when they returned to Romania, namely Curtea de Arges.

Ioana Visan's family seemed to be interesting in buying another mill, but since the sexual scandals started, her father is nowhere to be found, Click reporters were told. Most of their Romanian neighbours seemed shocked on hearing the news about Ioana and could not believe it. But her ex-boyfriend, Octavian Trichiu, says that her stage name was Ana Brambilla, and her sister was known as Monica Brambilla.

Trichiu said that, when in Romania, after consuming alcohol, she used to give details about Berlusconi, complaining about how sleazy he was. Italian formation North League leader Umberto Bossi, an important coalition partner for Silvio Berlusconi, accused the Mafia for arranging sexual scandals involving the chief of the Italian Government.

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