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What the newspapers say: September 16, 2009

de A.C.
Miercuri, 16 septembrie 2009, 9:09 English | Press Review

 Most newspapers today read about President Basescu's address to the Parliament last night, after the government assumed responsibility on a three law pack. Newspapers also focus on yesterday's armed robbery in the Gutai mountains, North Romania. On a lighter tone, Salman Rushdie is due to come to Romania.

Most papers today read about President Basescu's speech in front of the Parliament last night. Cotidianul reads about Basescu's acknowledgment of the courage of the government to take responsibility on the three law pack but the paper also notes his attack with the political class, judges and businessmen he does not like.

In a summary of his four years of mandate so far, Basescu bragged about several achievements which were actually made by the government itself. Moreover, he attributed Romania's full rights membership to the EU to his mandate. However, he failed to mention too many unfortunate deeds like the lack of constitutional reform or the fact that no corrupt politician was actually accused.

Gandul reads that Basescu's speech reflected the tense relations in the coalition government: Democrat Liberals had information that the Social Democrats were very close to leave Basescu without a quorum and the Hungarian Democrats were caught in the political game vortex as they were wanted by all political parties.

Finally, only 20 Social Democrats decided to leave the room as a sign of protest. On the other side, Democrat Liberals were dissatisfied because PM Emil Boc refuses to eliminate the Social Democrats from the governing coalition.

Gandul reads about the armed robbery of a bank's car in the Gutai mountains, North Romania yesterday morning. The elderly in about 40 towns in North Romania are left without their pensions after some armed thieves attacked the car transporting the money. The attack took place at 7:20 am. Police officers were announced only after half an hour because in the area, the cell phone signal was very weak.

The three agents in the bank's car, employees of the security company G4S did not stand a chance with their old guns in front of the automated ones of the attackers. The driver of the car stopped at the request of what looked like a special forces unit. When the driver stepped down to show his IDs, he was threatened with a gun.

The attackers managed to run away with about 2.4 billion lei. G4S General Director Alice Tirsea, the company in charge with the transport - said that her employees respected all internal procedures. Tirsea declared that the law regulating this sector is unclear and leaves room for interpretations which leaves security agents at odds with the proper behavior towards the police.

Evenimentul Zile
i reads that Romania falls prey to unknown attackers. In the last year, an armed attacked was reported at least every month and the criminals remained unknown. The newspaper reads that the drivers of the security van should have stayed in the car since it is secured against bullets. The three will be investigated for negligence, local police officer declared.

On a lighter tone, Cotidianul reads about the scheduled visit of Salman Rushdie in Romania this fall. Romanian actress Monica Barladeanu confirmed the information for news televisions, as she is a good friend with the famous writer.

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