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What the newspapers say: September 18, 2009

de A.C.
Vineri, 18 septembrie 2009, 8:23 English | Press Review

Environment minister Nicolae Nemirschi is the perfect example of how the Parliamentary protection against the law works: when parties make a deal, it does not matter how big the ilegalities. Elsewhere in the news, the opposition attacks the government with a motion of censure and two appeals to the Constitutional Court. Last but not least, Turkey wants Romanian famous ex-football player Gheorghe Hagi as Ambassador of Romania's tourism.

Romanian Environment minister Niculae Nemirschi, member of the Social Democratic Party came out clean after a Parliamentary committee investigated the way his minister offered, without a tender, a 500,000 euro contract, Romania libera reads.

Deputies did not consider necessary to recommend a penal investigation of the minister and placed the ball in others institutions' hands. The Parliamentary committee started in June, at the request of the other two big political parties, the Liberals and the Democrat Liberals and the main purpose was to verify the way the ministry attributed a contract through negotiation without a public announcement worth 500,000 euro.

The Parliamentary committee was made up of five Social Democrats, five Democrat Liberals, three Liberals and one Hungarian Democrat, plus a representative of a national minority. Deputies revealed that the ministry did not had a legal basis to pursue the direct negotiation procedures.

In the report, the main conclusion is that the ministry had no basis to use the procedures it did. Plus, the newspaper reads that the ministry was superficial in attributing the value of the contract, and did not even compute the prices before establishing the value of the contract.

Despite the irregularities, deputies did not make a clear conclusion on whether the minister should be investigated or not but preferred to leave the responsibility on other institutions' shoulders. They recommended to modify the legislation and put forward other institutions that should verify the contracts.

Also on the political scene, Liberals and Hungarian Democrats attack the government with a motion of censure against the unique salary law recently assumed by the government and with two notifications to the Constitutional Court, Cotidianul reads.

The censure of motion was signed by 121 Senators and Deputies, which makes all the Parliamentarians of the two political parties even though only 118 signatures were needed. No other Democrat Liberal or Social Democrat did not wish to sign the motion, Liberal Eugen Nicolaescu declared.

The document contains some arguments against the government among which the fact that it encourages social unrest, that it is not in the interest of the citizens, that it did not meet the consensus of the social partners etc.

The motion will be read in the Parliament on September 22nd or 23rd and the debate on its content will be organized on September 29th or 30. The motion will pass only if it is voted by 236 deputies. If the motion passes, the government will be dismissed.  

Gandul reads about Turkey's proposal to Romania's Tourism minister Elena Udrea to designate former famous Romanian football player Gheorghe Hagi as Ambassador of Romania's tourism in Turkey, quoting Romanian news agency Mediafax. 

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