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What the newspapers say: September 22, 2009

de A.C.
Marţi, 22 septembrie 2009, 10:31 English | Press Review

A million budgetary employees including professors, police officers, nurses, public servants and other social categories are ready to protest against the unique salary scheme law, recently assumed by the government, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, Luminita Turcin, another Romanian champion who lacks resources for a decent living in Romania. Former US Ambassador to Bucharest, Jim Rosepepe is about to launch at 20 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, an optimistic perspective on Romania.

1 million budgetary personnel is about to go on strike, as a sign of dissatisfaction with the unique salary scheme law, recently assumed by the government in the Parliament, Cotidianul reads. 11 union federations are planning a general strike on October 5, 2009. Until then, on September 30, between 11 am to 1pm, they plan to protest in front of the Democrat Liberals and Social Democratic party headquarters, union leader Simion Hancescu declared.

The government ignored the requests made by unions and their protest on September 15 and decided against all odds to assume it  as it was, union representatives declared for the newspaper. Moreover, all unions decided not to attend the Presidential elections, due this fall as a sign of protest. Their 50,000 union members will be on unpaid leave during elections.

The same strategy will be applied by professors, who declared that they will not get involved in any technical issues in the elections, as a protest.
Luminita Turcin is Romania's new boxing star, after she won the European Championship for the 81 kg category. Luminita won against Turkish Selma Yagci but the game was less tough than her daily life in Romania, Gandul reads.

The newspaper reads that just like any other sportsman in Romania, Luminita needs to survive with about 250 euro/month. She says that she pleased with what she earns, because there are colleagues of hers who earn less than 100 euro/month and barely survive.

She explains that for the money she receives, she works very hard: ten months in intensive training, with 2 trainings a day even on Saturday and Sundays. However, despite all these problems, she does not want to give up boxing.

She remembers that she used to paint and play music before joining boxing and hopes that she will manage to stick around for a couple of years at least. She admits that for the European Championship victory, she worked for eight years in a row.

Cotidianul reads about former US Ambassador to Bucharest, Jim Rosepepe and his obsession with Romania in his recent book, Dracula is Dead where Rosepepe together with his wife, Sheilah Kast go beyond the stereotypes associated with Romania to discover an amazing country.

American citizens will be able to purchase on November 9, when the world will mark 20 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, Dracula is Dead to discover a new Romania. The two want to reveal that Transylvania is more than Dracula and was the scene of conflict between Romanians and Hungarians, that the Black Sea is sometimes considered Romania's only good neighbor besides Serbia and that the saints painted on the unique walls of monasteries up north looks a lot like the people on the streets. 

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