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 What the newspapers say: September 24, 2009

de A.C.
Joi, 24 septembrie 2009, 7:50 English | Press Review

All newspapers on Thursday read about the recommendation of a presidential committee to legalize drugs which sprang out various commentaries on the side. Elsewhere in the news, a survey reveals whether Romanians are discriminatory against gay and Rroma people. Last but not least, the Parliamentary committee investigating Tourism minister Elena Udrea decided to recommend a penal investigation against the minister.

Most of today's media attention is focused on a Presidential committee that throws in the public sphere  controversial issues like legalize light drugs or commercial sex. Evenimentul Zilei reads that the arguments put forward are not even new: such an attitude would assure more control over these activities, specialists claim.

However, the report touches on other solutions like encouraging youngsters to enter the labour market or shift priority on revenues, to revitalize education and eliminate luxury pensions. President Traian Basescu, in light of the Presidential elections this fall declared that he assumes all proposals of the report and said that the report reflects Romania's social system.

The newspaper reminds its readers that in the European Parliamentary elections, the President's daugther, Elena Basescu stirred a lot of debate when she declared that she would legalize light drugs. However, she nuanced her opinions fast, after political attacks.

Cotidianul reads on the subject that the proposal to legalize drugs drops over a friendly judicial practice: even though the law at the moment can send people to jail or impose a penal fine to those who consume light drugs, prosecutors, in their practice came to forgive beginners and propose judges not to investigate them if they reveal their sources.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul reads about the latest INSOMAR survey revealing the lack of intolerance of Romanians against homosexuals and Rroma people. Marriage among homosexuals hits a disapproval rate of 90.5% while marriage with a Rroma is disconsidered by 53.3% of the Romanians, the survey claims.

70.9% of the Romanians do not want to have in their close circle a homosexual while 38% showed that they would not like a gypsy. Homosexuals are not approved of, according to a study, neither as neighbours: 54% of those questioned said that they would like to have such a neighbour but 29% said they would accept a Rroma origin neighbor.

According to the report, 54% of those interviewed said that they would not like to work with homosexuals while 25.3% do not like the company of gypsies.
Gandul reads that the Parliamentary committee decided to recommend a full penal investigation against Tourism minister Elena Udrea, after various hostilities unrolled in front of the media. The investigation is due to reveal whether the minister abused her position against public interests, whether it was negligent and facilitated abuse in service.

Lead by Liberal Ludovic Orban, the Parliamentary committee added another reason that her behavior was defiant in front of the committee and thus broke the ministerial accountability law. In over 100 pages the committee's report claims that the ex-Presidential counselor has repeatedly broke all legal provisions in the public tender sector and she approved of spending which were ignoring the economic crisis.

Udrea replied that she has no reason to quit and said that as Minister of Tourism she managed to make a difference in Romania's tourism. She added that her activity will have benefits.

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