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What the newspapers say: September 28, 2009

de A.C.
Luni, 28 septembrie 2009, 7:19 English | Press Review

President Basescu's proposal of a unicameral Parliament contradicts the EU regionalization plans, one newspaper reads on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, a newspaper reveals what politicians do not want to, that 400,000 public servants are on the verge of lay off. Last but not least, EC warned the government with the second stage of the infringement procedure for noncompliance in the communications sector.

Cotidianul reads in its Monday edition that Basescu's proposal of a unicameral Parliament contradicts the EU regionalization plans. President Basescu proposed a new referendum to shift to a unicameral Parliament. Starting with 2013, Romania will be constrained by its EU membership to have two chambers.

Basescu's plans thus contradicts the future transformations which are due in Romania in the following years. More precisely, it regards the reorganization of the country, in administrative terms. In such an administrative system, the existence of two Parliamentary chambers is almost mandatory.

In almost all European states where the region is the administrative unit, the Parliament is unicameral Liberal Viorel Coifan declared for the newspaper. He explained that the Senate will deal with general issues like defense policy, national safety etc while the other Chamber will have to deal with economical, social, educational etc issues.

Political analyst Cristian Parvulescu says that the regionalization is not only necessary, but also inevitable. Romania will have to regionalize by 2013 even if there is no clear deadline from EU. However, starting 2013 the EU will offer financial aid to regions which Romania risks to lose.

What politicians plan to hide, Gandul reveals on Monday: budgetary personnel will be laid off to increase the salaries of those in the system. Namely, 400,000 people will be laid off by 2014.
The newspaper explains that in 2014 the salary budget will increase by 15% and the salary increases in the same time frame will be of over 45%. Which reveals that a third of the budgetary employees will have to pay for the future salary increase in the system.

The newspaper reads that data shows clearly that the state's only option is to either dramatically decrease salaries, or dramatically reduce their numbers. If they will fail to do it, besides breaking the IMF agreement, Romania will have to continue to take up loans to cover salaries and pensions.

Another option put forward by the newspaper is for the government to increase salaries by only 15% in the upcoming five years. Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea declared that the salaries will increase by 56% until 1015 to over 40% until 2014.

A first concrete estimation was offered by President Basescu who declared that some 20% of the budgetary employees will have to be lay off, which translates into 280,000 employees. His declaration was explained by his counselors in a sweeter tone: that it will take 10,000 employees at most especially in state agencies.

Romania libera reads that the European Commission warned the government that, if the Senate fails to approve the governmental ordinance setting up the National Authority for the Administration and Regulation in Communications, the EC will push for the second stage of the infringement for noncompliance.

Quoting Romanian news agency Mediafax the newspaper reads that the new agency will function under the Prime Minister at the proposal of the government. The ordinance was sent to the Parliament for debate and approval and until now it was approved by the Chamber of Deputies but did not receive enough votes for the Senate's approval. 

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