Democrat Liberals are preparing to launch President Basescu's campaign properly but Basescu seems to want something off the beaten tracks, one newspaper reads on Monday. Most candidates standing for President announced their intention, except Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu. Also in politics, Social Democrats are seeking ways to attack the Boc II government at the Constitutional Court. Meanwhile, some 750,000 to 800,000 employees in public and local administration, in education and health, affiliated to the Budgetary Alliance will protest on Monday.

Gandul reads that the Democrat Liberal Party is getting ready to serve incumbent President Basescu with a proper, by the books, candidacy announcement. However, the newspaper reads, it seems that Basescu would prefer something else after his spontaneous announce on Saturday.

According to party sources, few of the Democrat Liberal leaders knew about the President's plans even though the announcement was less spontaneous than planned by Basescu. Now, it is still unclear whether Basescu's official announcement will be made on October 10 or 17 when the Party booked a hall in the Parliament.

The initial plan was to gather some 7000 Democrat Liberals for the announcement, marked by a smashing speech delivered by the President. However, it seems that the President was satisfied with the good remarks he received after he announced his candidacy in a small village, in the company of some hundreds of peasants, without a big fuss.

Gandul reads about Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu who is ready to officially announce his intention to stand for President in the Fall, his chief of campaign Octav Cozmanca declared for the newspaper.

Oprescu chose to launch his campaign on a protest day, hoping to benefit from his position as an independent in the race. In this time, the other candidates continue their march in the country to promote their political program.

Liberal Party leader Crin Antonescu preferred Moldova, North Romania, for the weekend, where he took the opportunity to declare his party's intentions to attack the government at the Constitutional Court.

Cotidianul also reads about the Social Democrat Party plan to attack the government at the Court. It has been two days now that the Social Democrats claim on various media channels that the Boc II government is not constitutional.

Sources within the party declared that a meeting is scheduled on Monday to tackle this problem.

While political parties are too occupied with the future campaign, a social crisis is about to unfold as about 800,000 budgetary personnel is announced to protest on Monday, cotidianul reads. Professors will only supervise children while health personnel will take only emergencies and public servants can shut their activity for the day.

The activity of local prefectures or councils will be shut down today as well. Union President Vasile Marica said that this strike is the biggest general strike in Romania since the Communist collapse. Protesters are dissatisfied with the unique salary law scheme for budgetary personnel because officials did not take into account the needs of the public servants.

Plus, the law rules a forced 10 day holiday while public servants will face layoffs in 2010. Union members say that by 2015 some 350,000 public servants will be laid off but they fear they will lose their jobs earlier.