One newspaper reads, quoting a CCSB survey that in the second round of elections, incumbent President Basescu will lose irrespective of his counter candidate. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian traditional song "doina" was included in the UNESCO cultural patrimony, but the resort ministry failed to brag with the achievement. Last but not least, Romanian Rares Dumitrescu was awarded with silver at the Fencing World Championship.

A CCSB survey, ordered by IMAS claims that incumbent President Basescu might lose in the second round of elections irrespective of his countercandidate: Mircea Geoana, Crin Antonescu or Sorin Oprescu, Cotidianul reads.

The most recent survey reveals that Romanians are dissatisfied with how the country is doing. 68% of the respondents declared that Romania is heading towards a wrong direction and only 20% say that the country is off to a good start.

IMAS founder, Alin Teodorescu is known to be a supporter of independent candidate Sorin Oprescu. At a turnout of 44%, only 43% of the voters would vote for Basescu while 57% of the voters will opt for Sorin Oprescu.

The second countercandidate preferred to Basescu is Liberal Crin Antonescu, head of the Liberal Party. If the two of them would reach the second round, Antonescu would get 54% of the votes while Basescu 46%.

In the first round of elections, scheduled for November 22nd, 31% of the Romanians would vote for Basescu, 20% for Mircea Geoana and 18% for Crin Antonescu and 14% for independent Sorin Oprescu.

Romanian Culture Ministry treated with indifference the news that UNESCO included in its cultural patrimony the traditional Romanian song, doina, Romania libera reads. Even though the announcement was made public by UNESCO on October 1, 2009, the ministry did not announce, to this day, its success, even if it was the initiator of the process.

The information appeared only after a few days, after it was discovered by some bloggers and journalists. The newspaper reads that the event is illustrative for the incapacity of the ministry to promote the Romanian cultural heritage.

Gandul reads about Rares Dumitrescu's silver medal at the Fencing World Championship. In Romania, the sportsman will be awarded with 21,000 lei and a proposal to advance his status. Dumitrescu lost in the final men's sabre against German Nicolas Limbach with 11 to 15.