Most newspapers on Thursday read about the political parties' fight for Parliamentary majority as the stakes are high: on the one hand, there's a motion of censure against the Boc II government that's about to pass in the Parliament with the vote of the Liberals and Social Democrats together with Hungarian Democrats. On the other hand, there's the incumbent President's plan for a referendum on elections day were stopped by the Chamber of Deputies Speaker. Elsewhere in the news, independent candidate to the Presidency, Nati Meir confessed that he bought 280,000 signatures needed to submit his candidacy.

Gandul reads about the intense negotiations between Democrat Liberals and Hungarian Democrats to form a government if Boc II government will fall. More specifically, as a plan B, Democrat Liberals are negotiating with a part of the Hungarian Democrats to share the power.

At its turn, Hungarian Democrats are torn apart: there's Verestoy Attila and his close friends who want to govern and there's Marko Bela who does not wish to govern before Presidential elections take place.

Social Democrats announced that they will sustain the motion of censure submitted against the government in the Parliament by the Liberals and Hungarian Democrats. The figures reveal that the three political parties will manage to outrun the votes of the Democrat Liberals.

However, the situation is not that bad for the Democrat Liberals because they are about to form a new government with the Hungarian Democrats who, even though they signed the motion, are currently negotiating with them.

Therefore, Democrat Liberals have a win - win situation, either way, a leader of the party declared.

However, there's also President Basescu's plan to set up a referendum on the same day of elections for a unicameral Parliament, Cotidianul reads. For the moment, Chamber of Deputies speaker Roberta Anastase managed to stop the President's plans.

Speakers of the two Parliamentary Chambers decided that the President's request should be sent to the judicial committees for a constitutional check. The proposal was made by Social Democrats and Liberals.

If the committee will conclude that the proposal is unconstitutional - which they count on - then one of the Speakers of the legislative could launch a constitutional conflict between the authorities of the state.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul quotes Nati Meir, independent candidate standing for President in the Fall elections saying that he bought 280,000 signatures, necessary to submit his candidacy for less than 100,000 euro.

He declared that all candidates are paying for the signatures and added that the candidate with the most money is going to win. In a European country, Meir explained people only want money; they do not care about Basescu, Geoana or Nati Meir.