The days of the Boc II government are numbered: the next few days are decisive for the Romanian political scene, one newspaper reads on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, the Court of Accounts confirms the Parliamentary Committee conclusions that former Youth minister Monica Iacob Ridzi spent, without justification public money. Last but not least, secretaries, cabinet assistants or personal counselors in the government receive free accommodation, paid by the government.

The days of the Boc II government are numbered, Cotidianul reads. It will either be dismissed or the government will resign itself. Parliamentarians might send Tourism minister Udrea to anti-graft prosecutors while the Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase might be suspended for 30 days.

The government might fall these days due to a motion of censure in the Parliament, which would be a premiere for Romania. The motion, submitted by the Liberals and Hungarian Democrats is scheduled for Tuesday.

However, until then, the government awaits a decision of the Constitutional Court to the unconstitutionality of the opposition's actions. According to sources in the Democrat Liberal party, quoted by, the Boc II government plans to quit if the Court will rule the constitutionality of the motion.

The motion, scheduled for Tuesday will be voted by the Liberals and Social Democrats who have a majority in the Parliament, necessary to pass the motion.

Also on Tuesday, the Chamber of Deputies is expected to cast a vote on the report of the Udrea Committee, investigating claims against Tourism minister Udrea. Since Democrat Liberals lost all support in the Parliament, chances are that the vote will rule against Udrea and recommend a penal investigation against the minister.

The Court of Accounts confirms the conclusions of the Parliamentary committee that former Youth minister Monica Ridzi spend unjustified public money, Cotidianul reads. The results of the control reveal that what both the media and the Parliamentary committee revealed are true.

More precisely, ex-Youth minister spent without justification public money on various ministry activities. The report will be forwarded to the Chamber of Deputies and to anti-graft prosecutors where a penal investigation was started.

Some of the accusations against the minister are that she spent 15,000 euro for various Romanian artists but documents attest that she actually spent 60,000 euro, a fact denied by artists as well. Another accusation is that she tried to cover up her contracts.

Meanwhile, Ridzi continued to plead not guilty and claims that this is a political revenge.

Romania libera reads about the government's protective hand over its employees, irrespective of their importance: secretaries, cabinet assistants or personal counselors receive free accommodation in downtown Bucharest.

Rents vary between 20 to 122 euro/month for a place downtown Bucharest and even this sum is paid by the government. The newspaper reveals that a divorced couple working in the government received, each a house or a father and a son who both benefit from a house.