The Parliament is due to cast a vote on the censure of motion against the government on Tuesday but the real motion, one newspaper reads is who buys more Parliamentarians on their side? Elsewhere in the news, political fights intensify as elections approach: Social Democrat Senator Miron Mitrea believes that his colleague Marian Vanghelie owns the archives of the secret service of the Interior ministry which he will use to bribe incumbent President Basescu. Last but not least, another eight new A/H1N1 cases in Romania.

Liberal Ludovic Orban declared that the Democrat Liberals are currently offering 200,000 euro for swingers and 25,000 euro for Parliamentarians who agree not to attend the vote, Cotidianul reads.

The Boc II government cannot avoid the motion of censure in the opposition. Yesterday, the Constitutional Court rejected the Democrat Liberal's complaint that the censure is unconstitutional. Considering that things were cleared, today, at 10 am the motion is scheduled for debate in the Parliament.

Hungarian Democrats stand by their word and declared that they will vote the motion. At their turn, Social Democrats declared that all their deputies and Senators will vote the motion. At first sight, it seems that the vote will be favorable to the opposition who will manage to gather 274 votes compared to 173 of the Democrat Liberals.

Considering that the motion needs to pass with only 236 votes, the Opposition can afford loosing 38 votes. If the government will fall there are a few options: it can still govern, with fewer attributions until elections; the opposition manages to convince Basescu to name a neutral PM who will form a government; Basescu names a Democrat Liberal as PM and forces the new government onto the Parliament for a minority government.

Liberals and Social Democrats agreed for a technocrat government, and came forward with Sibiu's mayor Klaus Johannis as Prime Minister.

Still about politics, Romania libera reads about the archive of the secret service within the Interior ministry, presumably in the hands of Social Democrat Marian Vanghelie. The newspaper reads that the archive contains information about incumbent President Basescu that might destroy his campaign.

Two months ago, when the Interior ministry was lead by Democrat Liberal Dan Nica and the ministry's secret service was controlled by Gelu Drajneanu, a close ally of Marian Vanghelie, there were leaks in the press that the President's brother is involved in a business with weapons.

The newspaper reads that the information was leaked from the Interior Ministry's secret service. Plus, Vanghelie even announced that he owns the archive and is well protected. So, the presidential elections announce interesting times.

Cotidianul reads about another eight new confirmed cases of A/H1N1 virus in Romania in the last week, increasing the toll to 351 cases. Five new cases were registered in Bucharest, two in Iasi, North Romania and one in Brasov, central Romania.

In Bucharest, citizens came from Egypt, one from Germany and one from Israel while those from Iasi came from France and Portugal and the one in Brasov came from the US. All cases responded to the treatment, a press release of the Health ministry informs.