All newspapers on Wednesday read about the political struggle to designate a prime minister, as the government fell yesterday. Liberals, Social Democrats and Hungarian Democrats propose Sibiu's mayor, Klaus Johannis as Prime Minister while Democrat Liberals claim they will endorse Emil Boc again. Sources quoted by one newspaper claim that President Basescu does not agree to nominate Boc, after he was rejected in the Parliament. Another newspaper reads about Klaus Johannis background.

Now that the motion against the government passed in the Parliament, all political parties struggle to find a viable solution and put forward a Prime Minister. Cotidianul read that the Liberals, together with Hungarian Democrats and Social Democrats propose Klaus Johannis, Sibiu's mayor as Prime Minister.

The three parties declared that they wish to have an independent Prime Minister to lead a government of technocrats. The proposal came from the Liberals and after talks and negotiations between the two parties last night, the three parties seem ready to sustain Johannis.

On the other hand, Democrat Liberals would like to sustain Emil Boc again. Democrat Liberal vice president Gheorghe Flutur announced on Tuesday that Democrat Liberals sustain Emil Boc to lead the executive.

After an hour and a half of talks with the President, Democrat Liberals will sustain Emil Boc, Flutur declared. On the other hand, Gandul reads, quoting sources, that President Basescu did not agree with the proposal of the Democrat Liberals to endorse Emil Boc again, after his government fell in the Parliament.

The same sources underlined that PM Boc should have resigned before the motion was voted, but Boc refused to do this.

Gandul describes the achievements of Klaus Johannis, mayor of Sibiu, central Romania. In 2000, Johannis ran for mayor in Sibiu, designated by the German Democrat Forum in Sibiu and he was elected. Four years later, he was re-elected with 88.7% of the votes. In 2008, Johannis received another mandate with 83.2% of the votes.

The newspaper reads about Johannis's ability to attract foreign investors in Sibiu and managed to organize Sibiu's European Cultural Capital event in 2007, together with Luxembourg.

Johannis was proposed as Prime Minister, which was endorsed by Hungarian Democrats, Social Democrats and Liberals. According to Johannis's health declaration, Johannis owned in 2009 six households: three apartments and three houses, all in Sibiu.

Moreover, the mayor had 1.4 billion lei in several accounts, no car or other shares in private companies. Democrat Liberals declared that Johannis is not that independent as parties claim, as he made an electoral campaign with the Liberals.