The IMF postpones its quarterly report on Romania and the 1.5 billion euro installment for lack of government, one newspaper reads on Friday.Most newspapers today read about the designated PM, Lucian Croitoru and his challenges. Elsewhere in the news, the interest of Romanian students to work as volunteers dropped considerably.

Gandul reads that the IMF postpones their evaluation visit in Romania and the 1.5 billion euro installment due to a lack of full power government. The newspaper reads that the IMF does not think that the agreement will fall, and is willing to still offer Romania the loan agreed.

However, the problem is that until a new government is formed, the IMF cannot negotiate and thus send the money. The IMF supports economic policies and not a certain government or party, IMF Romania chief of mission Jeffrey Franks declared. He added that once the new cabinet is formed, an IMF delegation will arrive at Bucharest.

Romania is not the only country undergoing a political crisis in such economic situations and we need to take the necessary economic measures as soon as possible, National Central Bank director Eugen Radulescu.

In politics, most newspapers read about the nomination of Lucian Croitoru for Prime Minister and the President's political games. Gandul reads that initially, Basescu wanted to name Mihai Tanasescu, current representative of our country to the IMF but he refused.

Even though Basescu is well aware that Croitoru has no chance to pass in the Parliament, there are other advantages he counts on: if his proposals for PM are rejected twice in the Parliament, elections will be organized after the Presidential elections.

Cotidianul reads that Lucian Croitoru seems a good option, he is a good theoretician and a close friend of Mugur Isarescu, the Central Bank governor. However, Social Democrats and Liberals claim that he is not a viable proposal and parties will not sustain him in the Parliament.

As soon as he will receive the request, PSD leader Geoana is determined to summon the permanent offices of the two Chambers to notify the Constitutional Court about the institutional conflict between the Presidency and the Parliament.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads that the students' interest to volunteer dropped, at the NGO Fair organized in Bucharest. The newspaper quotes several freshmen who have a pessimistic view on volunteering.