Incumbent President Traian Basescu gambles with the laws and the Constitution, one newspaper reads on Thursday. Also in politics, Liberals decide to submit a legislative initiative to reduce the number of Parliamentarians, in contrast to the President's attempt to organize a referendum for a unicameral Parliament. Elsewhere in the news, bilateral relations between the US and Romania are confirmed by the US Vice President Joseph Biden as he visits Romania.

President Basescu seems to gamble with laws and the Constitution alike, Cotidianul reads referring to his contradictions: if Basescu declared that an interim government cannot organize the referendum, now he claims the opposite. Moreover, he declared that he will not recognize the Parliamentary majority and says that it will be functional only in 2012.

Basescu declared that even though the Parliament rejected his request for a referendum, he has the right to organize one, irrespective of the Parliament's decision. Moreover, he said that an interim government can organize the referendum because it has the right to issue government decisions, which are necessary for the referendum.

Yesterday, Basescu made a series of declarations which stir conflict on the political scene: Basescu implied that if the government will reject the Croitoru government he will not call parties for a second round of negotiations.

Plus, Basescu said that the Parliamentary parties behind Johannis have to register their coalition at a court of law and that they can only claim what they want after Parliamentary elections in 2012.

However, the newspaper reads that Basescu has no idea that the political party law reads that parties can form Parliamentary coalitions without registering at a court of law to offer Parliamentary support and ensure governance.

Also in politics, Evenimentul Zilei reads about the Liberal's decision to submit a legislative initiative aimed at reducing the number of Parliamentaries, as a move against President Basescu's attempt to organize a referendum for a unicameral Parliament.

Basescu announced that he will issue a decree to organize the referendum on unicameral Parliament, which also implies the decrease in the number of Parliamentarians to maximum 300.

In the same time, Liberals will submit at the Chamber of Deputies a legislative initiative which foresees the decrease of the number of Parliamentarians. The difference between the two proposals is that the Liberal initiative can be applied by modifying the electoral law and not the Constitution itself. The fundamental law rules only the bicameral system and not the number of Senators and Deputies.

Elsewhere in the news, the bilateral relation between the US and Romania is based on a set of common values and interests, US Vice President Joseph Biden declared in an interview for Romania libera.

Biden underlined that the US is committed to continue the relations between the two countries. Biden's visit to Romania is part of a tour through Europe in Poland and the Czech Republic as the US administration announced new plans regarding the anti-missile shield.

The newspaper reads that Biden considers Romania a close ally and a trustworthy friend: the two countries aim to consolidate transatlantic relations, energy security, promote investments and commerce and share the wish that the Republic of Moldova continue democratization processes.