The budgetary execution for September reveals that the Boc government breached all its promises, one newspaper reads. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian Olympics do not even have the money to purchase t-shirts with the Romanian logo, as authorities claim they are out of funds. The first school was closed in Iasi, North Romania after a swine flu outbreak.

The budgetary execution for September reveals that the Boc government breached all its promises, Cotidianul reads. In the first nine months of the year, budgetary salaries increased with over 9% and investments total only 5 billion euro.

At the beginning of the year, the newspaper reads, the Boc government promised that budgetary salaries will drop and investments will total over 8 billion euro. Statistics reveal that the government did not respect the anti-crisis measures it bragged about.

The government should have taken measures to decrease salaries, spending with goods and services and increase investments. According to Finance ministry data, personnel spending in the first nine months of the year registered a 9.2% increase compared to the same period, last year.

Spending with goods and services dropped only by 2.5% compared to 2008 even though interim PM Boc said that they will drop by 30-50%.

Gandul reads how a great Olympics results was about to be shattered by the Education ministry. Initially, the ministry planned to refuse to pay the transport for the Romanian students who were to participate at the Astronomy Olympics in Iran.

However, after numerous letters from the professors training the students, the ministry decided to send them to Iran where pupils won two gold medals and two silver ones. The Romanian team proved to be the strongest team in Europe and the third in the world after Iran and India.

Gold medal winner Ioana Zelko declared for the newspaper that it is not easy to study astronomy in Romania since in Bucharest you cannot really observe the sky and trips to the mountainside are rare.

Students will receive from the Romanian ministry 8,500 lei for the gold medal and 6,500 lei for the silver one.

Romania libera reads that sanitary authorities in Iasi, North Romania decided to close the first school due to the great number of A/H1N1 cases. The situation risks affecting more and more the country: the swine flu vaccine is not done and the vaccination campaign is due to start as late as December.

Health EU Commissioner warned all Europeans that 30% of the population might contract swine flu. There were 19 confirmed cases in the school in Iasi: all those infected are isolated and receive medical treatment, Romanian Health ministry representatives said.

The school will be closed until November 3rd until the situation will be reevaluated. Last week, Romania registered 381 confirmed swine flu cases.