Klaus Johannis, the candidate endorsed for PM by a large Parliamentary coalition cannot be named for a public function for three years, one newspaper reads on Thursday. Elsewhere in the news, most newspapers treat the A/H1N1 virus affecting our country: the government decided to buy 500,000 vaccines even though President Basescu declared that Romania can handle the vaccines itself. Also in the news, President Basescu purchased a 1 billion lei worth bell for the Church in the Presidential house.

Evenimentul Zilei reveals that the candidate endorsed by a Parliamentary coalition formed by Hungarian Democrats, Liberals and Social Democrats is not eligible for a public function. In other words, Klaus Johannis cannot be named in a public function for three years.

The newspaper reads that, for one year in his first mandate as Mayor of Sibiu, Johannis was also an administrator to a private company. The law clearly regulates the incompatibility between the two positions.

Because Johannis ignored the law at that time, he now risks, in the next three years to be compelled to stay out of public duties. However, because the mayor was not sanctioned back in 2003, he cannot be held responsible in his second mandate.

Romania's National Integrity Agency could certify the incompatibility and Johannis cannot be named, for three years in a public function, like that of Prime Minister. When prompted by the newspaper, Johannis denied the information but official documents prove the contrary.

Simply an investigation against Johannis would eliminate him from the politicial scene, the newspaper reads.

Elsewhere in the news, Cotidianul quotes President Basescu saying that Romania's medical system is ready to treat all swine flu cases if people signal their flu in time. After a meeting meant to evaluate the new A/H1N1 evolution in Romania, Basescu said that Romania does not need to import vaccine against the virus and declared that Cantacuzino Institute already holds about 1 million shots.

However, Cotidianul reads that the epidemiology network is hardly managing the new virus: doctors did not receive their benefits or supplementary hour bonuses in a month. Moreover, they continue to work even though protection materials are scarce.

One doctor contacted the virus and her colleagues are sure she got it from work, since they have to deal with it everyday. Medical sources declared that these doctors will not receive their benefits, due to the recent unique salary scheme law adopted by the government.

Meanwhile, Gandul reads that the government decided to purchase 500,000 vaccines even though President Basescu declared that Romania can handle the virus. The vaccine, made by Romania's Cantacuzino Institute, according to the newspaper, cannot be used for children and pregnant women because the vaccine cannot be tested in time.

Therefore, the government decided to import 500,000 shots for 2.2 million euro. Boc declared that the vaccines are meant for 6 months to 15 years old children so that children and adults can benefit from the shots.

Last but not least, Cotidianul reads about the 1 billion lei worth bell purchased by the Presidency for the Church it recently opened. Overall, the Church at Cotroceni took out from the state's budget some 33 billion lei.

The newspaper reads that the Church within the Presidential palace was demolished in Communism and there were a few President who wanted to rebuild it. However, Basescu was more perseverant and actually managed to do it.

However, the paper reads that there was a new one build, by ex President Ion Iliescu but it was more modest and priests were not able to hold preys. Now, priests can have sermons and an expensive bell with the President's name on it.